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A Discussion of Extinction Rebellion Strategy with Roger Hallam and Rupert Read

2nd September 2019 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

  • What is the exact role of arrests and prison sentences in the rebellion?
  • How necessary are high-profile high-sacrifice actions?
  • To what extent does the public need to be on board?

Social science analyses of previous movements give many indications of potential future success – but how exactly should previous movements guide our rebellion? How do we resolve the tension between our need to be “beyond politics” when the social imbalances with respect to cause and impact of the crises mean likely solutions tend to appear politically red? When, how, and exactly why does the Rebellion need to disrupt government, companies, financial power centers, and general public life?

The Rebellion is grounded on common understandings with respect to all these issues; yet the devil is in the details. This discussion will feature arguments from two prominent Extinction Rebellion strategists, with questions and contribution to discussion possible from other rebels present.

Roger and Rupert will each speak for around 25 minutes; the second hour will consist of general discussion where rebels present can feed-back to and ask questions of Roger and Rupert. Some topics within XR are controversial: we ask rebels attending the meeting to remember to keep all discussion respectful, using I-statements and avoiding personal calling out and sarcastic or aggressive language.

The meeting is most suitable for people who already have some experience of the Extinction Rebellion.

Attendants might like to read in advance pamphlets by the speakers, Hallam’s Common Sense For The 21st Century, and Read’s Truth And Its Consequences.

The event is free but donations will be taken to cover venue hire and speaker travel expenses.

See the booking page for venue details.


West Oxford (please register for address details)
Oxford, United Kingdom