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Oxford Feed-In for the Future

20th March 2020 - 22nd March 2020

Due to the current public health crisis caused by covid-19, we have taken the decision not to go ahead with the Feed-In for the Future, at least in the format that we’d planned.

Although the government has not yet advised on restricting small gatherings, we felt that at this time it is more responsible and practical to adapt and make our voices as parents heard in other ways.

The climate crisis is the biggest health crisis of our time and our children are our future. We won’t give up!

Adapting the Feed-In for Future – Mothers’ Day Solidarity Action (Online)

Following the postponement of the National Feed-In this Friday due to the Covid-19 crisis, we invite you all to take part in an alternative action to mark Mothers’ Day, standing in solidarity with all families around the world affected by health and ecological crises.

Mothers’ Day should be a joyous occasion, but this year may be a very difficult day, not just in the UK, but all around the world. The mothers’ fight will not disappear silently into the night, the mothers’ fight for a future has only just begun. We may not be able to join together in defiant protest, but we will hold each other in our hearts and thoughts and keep this fight alive.

This action will have two parts that are planned over Mothers’ Day weekend (20th-22nd March).
The first is aimed at community building during what will be an incredibly difficult time for our communities.
The second will demonstrate that we cannot lose sight of our fight against fossil fuel dependence as we suffer, overcome, recover and learn from Covid-19.

1) Social Media Campaign

Post a picture to social media as a personal expression of love for those who have mothered us, for ourselves and for future mothers and grandmothers. This might be an item with special meaning to you or your children, a photo of you and your child(ren), or a Mothers’ Day card.

Feel free to use none/some/all of the text below to accompany your post, together with the hashtags #futuremothers #theirfuture

To the next 7 generations of mothers. I love you. I dedicate this mothers’ day to you. I am fighting for you. I hold the responsibility of your future, as each of you will in turn as it is passed down to you. I promise to safeguard your future, your right to life, your right to be mothers. I stand in solidarity with all mothers today and celebrate our strength, our vulnerability, our love, our pain, our hope. Today, this is my action.

2) Email campaign to Alok Sharma, Secretary of State & COP26 President

The Feed-In was planned as an action directed at the UK Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to demand an end support of Fossil Fuel Industries. Send a copy of your picture from the social media campaign to enquiries@beis.gov.uk together with the letter below (again feel free to edit as you wish).


Subject: Emergency Solidarity for Mothers Day

Dear Alok Sharma,

I am writing this letter to recognise the joint crises that are occuring. I am mothering my children through the climate & ecological emergency and the coronavirus global pandemic.

Covid-19 will undoubtedly mark the most difficult time our generation has witnessed. I recognise that this brings unprecedented challenges in decision-making for those in power, in order to mitigate the suffering that our communities face. Yet, as we suffer, overcome, recover and learn from Covid-19, we cannot lose sight of the need to prevent further threats to humanity caused by the climate crisis. We must ensure that the vision of a zero carbon future is realised within the limited time we have left to safeguard our future.

I call on you and your government department to protect the very concept of Mothers’ Day for all generations to come. Our children and our children’s children have the right to become parents in a safe world.

I urge you to be brave and act now to end support of fossil fuel industries and other future wrecking policies, so that we can heal our communities and build a brighter, stronger, more resilient society for the generations that will follow us.

Make the right decisions now, so that our great, great, great, granddaughters may celebrate the Mothers Days of the future. It’s in your hands.

Yours faithfully


You can also find more information on our Facebook page:


20th March 2020
22nd March 2020