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Oxford goes to the National March Against Racism – UN anti-racism day 2022

19th March 2022

Join the international mobilisation against racism and fascism on UN anti-racism day. Book your seats on the Oxford transport to the national demonstration in London online c/o https://bit.ly/MarchAgainstRacismBooking It’s time for the anti-racist majority to make ourselves heard. The government has responded to the historic Black Lives Matter movement’s demands to end institutional racism and the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 by denying its existence – and launching further attacks on communities and those who protest.Attempts to scapegoat refugees and migrants are escalating, leading to deaths in the Mediterranean and the Channel as governments attempt to reinforce the borders of Britain and ‘Fortress Europe’. We are seeing the rise of racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism and the growth of racist and fascist organisations internationally – legitimised by governments increasingly using the politics of divide and rule. To defeat this, we need mass resistance to the racist offensive taking inspiration from the global BLM protests, communities mobilising to stop their neighbours being deported and the overwhelming support for footballers and cricketers who have faced institutional racism and abuse. On Saturday 19 March we will be marching in London and Glasgow as part of a day of international protests to mark UN Anti- Racism Day and in Cardiff on 20 March. This is our chance to take to the streets and send a powerful message that the anti-racist majority demands to be heard. We say: Refugees and migrants welcome Black Lives Matter No to racism, Islamophobia, antisemitism and fascism.


19th March 2022