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The Impossible Rebellion

23rd August 2021 - 4th September 2021

The Impossible Rebellion

This time we are focusing on the City of London with the new immediate demand: ACT NOW, STOP THE HARM – STOP ALL INVESTMENT IN FOSSIL FUELS NOW

There will be:

  • an occupation of a ‘territory’ every day (with rebels camping to hold it) in the Rebellion
  • marches to bring XR rebels together with allies e.g. 21st August Kill the Bill; 28th August Animal Rights; 29th August Carnival for Climate; 4th Sept Nature Rebellion (to coincide with bio-diversity summit).
  • a focus in the first week on mobilisation through ‘Crisis Talks’ with pop-up pink tables: individuals and groups of rebels setting up pink tables close to the locus of occupations/actions to be the focus for discussions, outreach and disruption
  • spicy actions (i.e. with higher risk of arrest) escalating towards the end of the rebellion
  • hubs where new people can learn relevant skills to enable them to join in actions
  • a campsite, some safe spaces and a ‘rebel hotel’ of rooms offered by rebels (humanhotel.com)
  • an opening ceremony, Sunday 22nd, 6pm
  • digital actions and local actions
  • information about locations and timings will be last-minute, so need to be on the relevant Telegram channels

Rebel guide to Impossible Rebellion, with evolving calendar of events:


23rd August 2021
4th September 2021