Downing Street 10, Downing Street, London

A last minute action that is happening on Thursday. As you may have seen, the government this morning confirmed that it will approve 100s of new oil and gas licences […]

Dirty Water Wave 4 – Water Pollution, a Hazard to our Health

Cornmarket outside Barclays 54 Cornmarket Street, Oxford, United Kingdom

Join XR Rebels, and Allied organisations in a protest about the shocking state of our polluted waterways. In this 4th Wave of the Dirty Water campaign we will be reaching […]

South Oxford Geese meeting

Regular meeting of friendly South Oxford affinity group - newcomers welcome!Email soxgeese@gmail.com for venue details.

Talks, Training and Engagement working group meeting

Working group with a mandate for training rebels, recruiting new ones, and engaging with the public. New members welcome - email xroxford.tte@gmail.com for details.VenueOnline meeting

XR Oxford Singers rehearsal

South Oxford Community Centre, Gill Garratt Room Lake Street, Oxford

Back from your summer break for the first rehearsal of the Autumn! We will be rehearsing the two songs for the singing flash mob in London on Saturday 7th October. […]

HSBC and Barclays action

Carfax, Oxford Carfax Tower, Oxford

Come and be part of a national action aimed primarily against HSBC funding for fossil fuels. We will have HSBC stickers from XR UK, leaflets explaining their involvement in fossil […]

End Fossil Fuels actions: outreach and mothers’ rebellion

Cornmarket outside Barclays 54 Cornmarket Street, Oxford, United Kingdom

On September 15 to 17, millions of people around the world will take to the streets to demand a rapid, just, and equitable end to fossil fuels (https://fightfossilfuels.net/). For those […]

On Walking On Thin Ice: movie, panel & walk

The Camino to COP26 was a people's walk carrying a message of love, hope, grief, fear and connection with the natural world to leaders deciding the future of our climate. […]

South Oxford Geese affinity group meeting

Friendly local XR group meeting, debriefing on recent events and planning future ones. New members very welcome.VenueEmail soxgeese@gmail.com for venue details.

Introduction to Extinction Rebellion Workshop

Whether you are a new rebel or someone who has been engaged with XR for a while now, the workshop would be a great opportunity to reflect upon why we […]