Newsletter 2021-07-26 – Get Ready For Rebellion!


Volunteers Needed

  • The Spanish March arrives on October 6th (more details below) and are still looking for:
    • Spanish speakers
    • A few more beds
    • People to join send-off on the Thursday morning.Contact if you can help.
  • Ox-Cam Arc campaign needs volunteers to:
    • Find and contact potential partner groups
    • Gather materials for a stall
    • Put together leaflets
    • Organise a Truth Trail walkContact Caroline Roaf and Michael Taylor ( and if you can help. See below for more details.
  • London Calling! Expensive accommodation is always an obstacle for people and groups with less resources that need to mobilise for Rebellion
    This summer, share your floor, sofa, room, home, garden or driveway in London and the South East with visiting rebels, people and groups coming to London to rebel together!
    Sign up:

Dates for your diary

  • Saturday 31st July + 14th August 12:00pm – 2:00pm – COP26 Outreach in Bonn Square
  • Wednesday 4th August 6:30pm – 8:30pm – Monthly Gathering. We will be discussing the August Rebellion. Zoom link:
  • Fortnight beginning Monday 23rd August: The Impossible Rebellion (see below)
  • Wednesday 6th October: Spanish March arrives

XR Oxford – Monthly Gathering – 7th July 2021


Training available


We’re back on the streets on 23 August, so it’s time to ensure you have all the necessary training to rebel safely and effectively! These trainings are recommended for anyone joining us in actions.

NVDA Training

Learn about the history of Civil Disobedience and why we use direct action and disruption to bring about change, why we are committed to nonviolence, and various NVDA skills such as how to talk to the police, how to block a road, and how to use your support systems.

Saturday 14 August, 10am-1pm Registration:

Sundays 25 July & 29 August, 10am-1pm Registration:

Know Your Rights

This is key training for all rebels, covering your basic legal rights, common laws and police tactics used at protests. As well as your rights, it explains what to expect if you are arrested and in police custody, how to mitigate for risk, and importantly the greater risk faced by marginalised rebels, and how we can build solidarity within the protest movement. This training only applies to the law in England and Wales.

  Fortnightly on Thursdays (29 July & 12/26 Aug) 6-8pm

  Visit this calendar and find the appropriate data for registration links:

Witnessing Police Behaviour

This training will teach you valuable skills, in witnessing arrests and police behaviour. It will empower you to take responsibility for the safety of other rebels around you at a protest, and particularly focusses on the greater risk faced by marginalised rebels.

This is NOT legal observer training, and witnessing arrests is not a role, but a skill all rebels can use at actions.

  Fortnightly on Saturdays (31 July, 14 & 28 Aug), 5.30-6.45pm

Visit this calendar and find the appropriate data for registration links:

Get trained and get ready to rebel!

August Rebellion: The Impossible Rebellion

2 weeks from 23rd August

WHERE: London & Online

KEY TARGET: City of London


This includes a Kill the Bill March on the 21st of August

Focus: The Rebellion will introduce a new ‘immediate demand’ to the government, in a move to catapult us closer to our second demand – ACT NOW – and net zero emissions by 2025. STOP FOSSIL FUEL FUNDING! Stop all new fossil fuel project investment IMMEDIATELY, supporting a just transition

Many actions will be in City of London – targeting banks / companies with big Fossil Fuel investments. Other actions too, including local and digital action.

New way of working – following feedback from last rebellion:

Blocks – areas of action – currently 6 with varying degrees of ‘spice’: at easy end will be outreach and ‘crisis talks’; also marches and rallies; at higher end riskier disruptive action.

Curves – groups of people who take on organising an action.

Rebellion ‘weavers’ – pull together the overall plan.

Spanish marchers

You may remember that a group from XR Zaragoza are planning a walk from Portsmouth to Glasgow for COP26. They now have certainty on dates: they will arrive in Oxford Wednesday 6th October, 6pm-ish. There will be about 20 people.

We have booked St Margaret’s Institute for a bring and share supper. Thinking of noisy send-off on Thursday morning, so let’s organise and make sure there are many of us.



The OX-CAM ARC is a plan by central government, property developers and construction companies to build a MILLION new commuter houses in the countryside between Oxford and Cambridge. It means concreting over an area of 200 sq km – and that’s just for the houses themselves! It’s the equivalent of 17 NEW OXFORDS.

The key principles here are:

  • No housing or economic justification
  • Wildlife disaster – more destructive than HS2
  • Transport nightmare
  • Betrayal of climate obligations to future generations
  • Betrayal of local democracy – no local consultation
  • Investment should be going to the North and Midlands instead

David Rogers came to the previous monthly gathering about OXCAM ARC and the movement to stop it, asking for new ideas about how to get the public involved. There is a judicial review awaiting result possibly in September. We discussed a number of ideas for raising public awareness to stop the plan.

  • Build alliances with other XR and non-XR groups, such as churches, nature groups, and the Women’s Institute. After agreeing with other local groups, we want to try to bring along something as memorable as Nellie to make a big impact. Some more traditional groups may take more convincing. We need to start building a list of potential partners.
  • A truth trail walk, similar to a previous action against HS2.
  • Putting up stalls in villages along the arc, such as in fetes and farmer’s markets. There is an upcoming Kidlington Gala on Saturday 24 July at Exeter Hall. We need to start putting together materials for a stall.
  • Giving David Rogers’ talk at local meetings.
  • Protesting outside colleges and estate agents.
  • Leafleting traditional Tory locales such as golf clubs.

We need to move urgently on this, so if you think you can help, please contact: Caroline Roaf and Michael Taylor ( and

COP 26 – A Critical moment

COP26 is the most important global climate event since the Paris Agreement in 2015. It is a key moment for governments to prevent the climate crisis spiralling out of control. COP26 will take place between 1 and 12 of November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland.

This is the last chance for governments to collaborate and close the gap between Paris pledges and what is actually necessary. We need to act now to put pressure on the government, not wait for November.

Discussion was wide ranging, but settled on the need to act urgently, to make sure we left members of the public with an idea of action they could take, and to create a theatrical outreach action which could be used repeatedly in the runup to COP. Greenwashing was felt to be a powerful theme, and there are props and ideas available from the recent Didcot action (washing line etc) that could be borrowed. A smaller group met later to work some of these ideas out, and the plan is to perform this action in Bonn Square, with sambas, 31st July 12-2pm, 14th August 12-2pm. We’d then plan to repeat the action three times in London during the August rebellion, and weekly in September / October on Thursday evenings, with AGs taking a week each.

If you would like to help organise these actions, please contact

Newsletter 2020-08-12 — Last Pre-Rebellion gathering TONIGHT, 7pm

Oxford goes to The Rebellion! August bank holiday: Countdown to Rebellion actions. September 1st onwards: London.

This is it. We’re approaching rebellion, after a while away. You might feel excited, anxious, fearful, hopeful, or a combination of many things. Whatever happens, whether we can attend in person or not, we will be there for each other.

Feeling unsure about what’s going on, or looking to meet some people to go with? Our last pre-Rebellion gathering is TONIGHT. A bit bamboozled by all the separate documents and action plans floating around? Two wonderful curators of info have also put together this fantastic guide: XR Oxford goes to the Rebellion. It should be your one-stop shop for all local Rebellion info.

Read our Oxford Rebellion guide!


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Oxford Goes to the Rebellion! Guide
  3. Inclusion and Hardship Fund – open for applications
  4. XR Oxford joins the Unity March

Upcoming Events

TONIGHT: Wednesday 12th August, 7-9pm – Monthly Gathering: Prepare for Rebellion! (online)

Thursday 13th and Monday 24th August, 6.30-8pm – Legal Briefings with protest barrister John Briant (online)

Sunday 16th August, 1-4pm – Summer picnic! Florence Park, Cowley

Thursday 20th August, 6-9pm – Nonviolent Direct Action Training (XR Oxfordshire and Henley), (online)

Friday 21st – Saturday 22nd August – ‘Wake Up Westgate’ – XR Youth Action, Oxford’s Westgate Centre – email to volunteer as a steward or to support

Saturday 22nd August, 2pm – Oxford Unity March, Cowley to Bonn Square via Oriel College, with a rally in Bonn Square

Sunday 23rd August, 7-8pm – ‘Getting More Involved’ with XR Oxford (online)

Sunday 30th August, 1-6pm – Million People March, London

Every Tuesday, 7.30-8.45pm until end of September – Listening Circles with XR Oxford Regenerative Culture Working Group (online)

And of course…

Friday 28th – Monday 31st August – Countdown to Rebellion with Regional Bank Holiday Actions!

September 1st onwards – ‘We Want to Live: September Rebellion!’

Read the Rebellion guide

Oxford Goes to the Rebellion! guide

This guide can and might become your protest handbook – from training to how to keep informed, legal resources and financial support, it covers so much of how Oxford is participating to the Rebellion. Share it with friends planning on going! A short link is here:

It’s also open for editing within XR Oxford, and we encourage it to be a collective document – join the Announcements list for edit rights.

You can also keep checking back in on what’s happening during the Bank Holiday and what’s happening during Rebellion, as details may be added as we approach Rebellion.

Read our Oxford Rebellion guide!

Inclusion & Hardship fund open for applications

XR Oxford Inclusion & Hardship Fund 

XR Oxford’s Inclusion and Hardship Fund, aimed at enabling people from under-represented groups to participate in XR events and activities, by providing financial support. In Oxford XR this includes people on a low income, people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities, young people (16-18), people with disabilities, those from the LGBTQ community and other people covered by the Equality Act.

If money is an important factor hindering your full participation in the September Rebellion in London, or the August Bank Holiday local actions in Oxford, you can use this form to request financial assistance from the fund. This offer is only for rebels living in Oxford (or nearby villages) or for people who have been active in XR Oxford. Details of sums that can be claimed are below.

Questions about this scheme should be directed to:

Check out the application form to learn more about who’s eligible, what sums are available and how to apply. Applications received before 19th Aug will be processed in time for the end of August. The fund will remain open after this date until the money runs out.

Raised fist graphic: Oxford Unity March, Saturday 22 August, 2pm

XR Oxford joins the Unity March

Saturday 22nd August, 2pm

XR Oxford has been invited to support a Unity March on the 22nd of August at 2pm, with a broad coalition of Oxford groups marching under the banner of supporting black lives and jobs, worker and migrant solidarity, and recognising the climate emergency; the march recognises that especially during the pandemic, “those working…who have taken risks and have died in numbers are in the most insecure, lowest paid jobs with the worst housing and are frequently victims of racism.”

What can we do now?

  • Save the date
  • Share the Facebook event when it comes out
  • Encourage fellow rebels to join
  • Bring your banners and placards, ideally not just about the climate emergency but how it links to the wider themes of the march
  • Anyone who can help with stewarding or other support please join this Telegram group

Where can I find more information?

Newsletter 2020-07-20 — ‘We Want to Live!’ XR Oxford plans for the next Rebellion

Pink poster with birds carrying a heart and a padlock.
Caption: 1 September
Love. Rage. Rebellion.

We want to live!

2020 so far has been a year of crises – the fires in Australia, Amazon and the Arctic followed by the COVID pandemic. A year of historic events and protests – in Hong Kong and for Black Lives Matter. A year of tipping points.

Despite the pandemic, rebels have stayed together, mastered Zoom, taken action during lockdown, and supported their communities. We’ve come a long way, but the Government is still failing to do what’s necessary to keep us safe. They’re not on target to meet Paris Agreement commitments and are ignoring warnings from their own Committee on Climate Change, that we may be heading for up to 4˚C of warming by the end of the century. Unless we act, we are likely to face many millions of deaths, most affecting the Global South and marginalised communities, but ultimately impacting every person and lifeform on the planet, either directly, or through disrupted food supply, health issues, or political unrest. NOW is the time to act, as we emerge from the pandemic and when plans can still be diverted from ‘Business as Usual’. 

This is an emergency. We need to act now. Join us in Rebellion from 28 August in cities in the South East, and then in London from 1 September. We Want to Live!


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Best on catch up
  3. Rebellion Plans
  4. Things to do now to make the Rebellion a success
  5. Actions Meeting – planning Oxford’s part in the Rebellion
  6. Could you be a buddy to a new rebel?
  7. Looking to get involved but not sure how?

Upcoming Events

Introduction to Extinction Rebellion Oxford – every other Tuesday evening 7-8pm, online. For those who want an overview of XR Oxford.

The New Rebel Pathway – a three-week series for new rebels on Thursday 6th, 13th and 20th August, 7-8.30pm, to help go deeper into XR and meet other new rebels. 

‘Getting More Involved’ sessions – one-off conversational sessions to help you get more involved, great for those with less time! Sunday 9th or Sunday 23rd August (held online)

Action Planning MeetingWednesday 22nd July, 6.30-8.30pm (online)

‘How to stop funding fossil fuels?’Thursday 23rd July, 7.30-9pm (online)

Youth Die-In 4 Climate (Socially Distanced)support the youth strikers on Friday 24th July, 1-2pm, Bonn Square

‘Could you be a Buddy to a new rebel?’ – we’re looking for rebels to buddy with new rebels on our New Rebel Pathway. Join the Telegram group and come along to the briefing on Thursday 30th July, 7-8pm (details to be sent out via Telegram). 

‘Wake Up Westgate’ – XR Youth Action – 21st-23rd August – join the Telegram chat for volunteers

There are many great UK Trainings going on at the moment – see below!

Best on catch up

Poster with a green field of grain and a blue sky above.
Caption: Food and the climate & ecological emergency

Kathy Dalmeny and Miles King’s talk on Food and the Climate Emergency. More info on this topic: Sustain’s Report on UK Land Use, and Good Food Oxford, which promotes an environmentally sustainable food system in and around Oxford.

Rebels blocking the road, featuring a medic holding a sign saying "Change happens when ordinary people peacefully break the law"
Source: Gareth Morris.

Rebellion plans

Local actions in Oxford, Oxfordshire, and across the South East

These actions will build momentum to the Rebellion around set themes – put them in your diary and keep an eye out for further local details soon! Our Oxford involvement will also be planned in the Actions meeting on Wednesday – come along!

  • 28th August – Fossil Fuels & mass banner drop
  • 29th August – Airports and aviation
  • 30th August – Gather your community
  • 31st August – Banks & finance

National Actions

1st September – the rebellion moves to the Houses of Parliament, London (XR will also be rebelling in other major cities). There will also be a digital rebellion for those who can’t make it to London.

Things to do now to make the Rebellion a success

  1. Go to Facebook and invite people to the event and share.
  2. Join the national Telegram broadcast channel and XR Oxford’s channel for key updates
  3. Donate and share the Crowdfunder! 
  4. Share the webpage and promo video! 
  5. Come to the Action planning meeting on 22nd July. 
  6. Interested in helping update the handbook for Oxford Goes to the Rebellion? Get in touch, we’d love your help: 

Actions Meeting: planning Oxford’s part in the rebellion

Wednesday 22nd July, 6.30-8.30pm on Zoom

Help us plan the rebellion! At this meeting we will share information about plans for regional actions over the bank holiday weekend and in London from 1st September, and begin to work out the practicalities for us as XR Oxford. We will also discuss possible local actions in Oxford, including following up on some ideas from our mass gathering last week. Please join us if you have action ideas to share or if you would like to know how you can help with practical organising and action support. Everyone is welcome!

Bunting printed with "Ordinary people can do extraordinary things", with a rebel tent camp behind
Source: Helena Smith

Key UK Trainings to Prepare for Rebellion

All trainings can be viewed here:

Action Wellbeing

Action Wellbeing is an essential part of creating a regenerative action. It promotes the wellbeing of ourselves and others, strengthening connection and resilience. 24 July 2020, 6.30- 9pm. Register.

Arrestee Support

  • Know Your Rights: training every Tuesday 6-8pm. Register.
  • Witnessing an Arrest: Covers the key points to remember when witnessing an arrest and empowers all rebels to perform this role. Available online (password: ProsecutePolluters)
  • Introduction to Arrest Support: 20 July to 13 August, 6-7:30 pm. Zoom.

Non-violent Direct Action Training

Come along to our NonViolent Direct Action (NVDA) workshop, where you will learn about the history of Civil Disobedience, theories of NonViolence, and various NVDA skills such as how to talk to the police, how to block a road, and how to use your support systems. Every Saturday, 10am-1pm. Register.


1 to 1 Deescalation and Nonviolence. Alternate Mondays. 20 July-28 September, 6.30-8 pm.This training will provide: a deeper understanding of nonviolence, a brief introduction to Non-Violent Communication, one-on-one de-escalation with a range of different scenarios, practical role-playing exercises. Register.

Rebels blocking the road, with signs saying: "This is not a drill", "Our ship is sinking. The Earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those killing it have names and addresses"

Could you be a buddy for a new rebel?

Do you enjoy talking to new rebels: helping people become more confident, empowered and knowledgeable in XR? Are you friendly and approachable? Could you be a buddy? We’re looking for buddies who can take part in our New Rebel Pathway sessions, being partnered with one or two new rebels throughout the process. You don’t need to have an in-depth knowledge of XR, but it helps to be open to going through the process of learning with a new person, and helping find the answers together.

What we’d need from you:

  • Come along to a Buddies Briefing on Thursday 30th July, 7-8pm (details to be sent out)
  • Attend the three New Rebel Pathway sessions online (6th, 13th and 20th August, evenings) as a participant
  • Encourage your new rebel buddy in these sessions, engaging with their thoughts and ideas
  • Have one follow-up call a few weeks after the programme, to help your buddy decide on next steps

What you’d get in return:

  • Gratitude for being part of an essential process in XR Oxford, helping keep new rebels engaged!
  • The satisfaction of helping someone who was once in your situation
  • A good in-depth course in XR

Interested? Join this Buddy Telegram group and we’ll update you with details! We will only need a specific number of buddies for this programme so if you don’t do it this time there’ll be more opportunities at a later date. 

Rebel hands raised during a rebel assembly

Looking to get involved but not sure how?

You might be interested in our New Rebel Pathway, a three-session course starting 6th August that’ll guide you into XR principles, practices and strategies in much more depth, alongside a cohort of other new rebels.

Less time on your hands? Come along to a one-off ‘Getting More Involved’ session, a small course where we’ll chat through your interests, skills, and where you might like to be involved in XR Oxford.


Join XR Youth Oxford for a youth-led weekend occupation of the Oxford Westgate shopping centre

Why? Westgate is home to many corporations with appalling environmental and workers’ rights policies. We must rebel against these exploitative practices in order to build a just, post-Covid world.

Adults are more than welcome to join and support the youth.❤️

21st-23rd August:

From Friday till Sunday, we will occupy Westgate, aiming to stay there both nights. There will be a clothes swap (providing it is safe with COVID) and actions that will happen throughout the day. More details to come…

⬇️Interested in helping? Join the 16+ Telegram group⬇️


Watch the video of XR Youth at the Westgate on Black Friday

Where can I find more information?

Newsletter 2020-06-22 — ‘Inaction = Death’ action (25th June)

Rebels blocking Worcester St, Oxford - calling for a Bus gate.
Bus Gates action in collaboration with the Oxford Green New Deal Campaign

Building Back Better!

As we move from strict lockdown to tentatively rejoining the world, the focus turns to building back better than we were before: cleaner, fairer, healthier.

And many of us in Extinction Rebellion Oxford have also been re-energised to be ‘building back’ again. By which we mean back ‘on the streets’ again! (Although we recognise the often invisible yet sterling work of those who are shielding and can’t yet join us – we hope to be reunited soon!).

This issue celebrates the recent and upcoming actions pushing for a green and just recovery…as well as our new announcement form, which any rebel can use to share news to XR Oxford across all channels, and our new Telegram channel!


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. What you can do to help Oxford #buildbackbetter
  3. Lockdown Letters #2: A just transition
  4. ‘Inaction = Death’ Action
  5. Rebel Trail – rise up against HS2
  6. A Fourth Demand for Climate Justice?
  7. Food and the Climate & Ecological Emergency
  8. Trees of Hope get radio news
  9. Black Lives Matter, bus gates and bike rides – a roundup of other actions

Upcoming Events

Monday 22nd June, 8pm – Lockdown Letters (for Robert Courts’ constituents), meeting link here | Meeting ID: 837 3575 3628 | Password: 140422

Tuesday 23rd June, 7.30 pm – Lockdown Letters #2

Thursday 25th June, various times: ‘Inaction=Death’ Day of Action

Friday 26th June, 6.30pm – June Bike Ride by Oxford Critical Mass

Saturday 27th June, 5.40-8pm – ‘2040’ Screening with XR Banbury (£1, online)

Saturday 20th – Saturday 27th June, HS2 Rebel Trail

Monday 29th June, 6.30-8.30pm – ‘‘A Fourth Demand for Climate Justice?’ – People’s Assembly

Thursday 9th July, 5-6.30 pm – Food and the Climate and Ecological Emergency, a talk by Vicki Hird and Miles King – RSVP

Best on Catchup

What you can do to help Oxford #buildbackbetter

  1. Right now: Sign and share the #buildbackbetter petition to demand that the county council helps to keep Oxford safe from a second wave of Covid-19 and to turn Oxford into the UK’s leading walking and cycling city, using their £3million grant from central government. 
  2. On your next walk or cycle: take a picture of yourself walking or cycling and post it online, tagging ‘@Oxfordshire County Council’ (on Facebook) or @OxfordshireCC (on Twitter) and using the hashtags #BuildOxfordBackBetter  #BuildBackBetter 

Share with your network and nominate 5 friends and family to do the same!

  1. On Monday 22nd June: Join our ‘Lockdown Letters’ session on Monday 22nd June, collectively writing letters for a just transition (see below)
  2. On Thursday 25th June: Join a national day of action to deliver or email these letters to our local MPs (see below for full details)

Lockdown Letters #2: A Just Transition

Tuesday 23rd June, 7:30 pm, on zoom. Meeting ID: 913 6787 3148; Password: 101455

Our second ‘lockdown letters’ action! Email or write to your MP to call on them to act now. Public pressure is growing for the government to use the recovery from the Covid crisis (which will require massive state intervention) to tackle both the Climate and Ecological Emergency and the inequality and injustice in our current system. Add your voice, and ask your MP to take urgent action.

Join the Zoom to find out more and discuss points we might all want to make. We will then write our letters sociably over Zoom. XR UK have made a template letter to adapt, or write your own from scratch. And if you prefer, you can download the briefing for this action and take action on your own or with your affinity group.

The more letters MPs receive, the more notice they will take of them. This action also helps build towards our on-the-street actions on 25th June…

‘Inaction = Death’ Action

Thursday 25th June, all day | See here for artwork ideas | Full action planning doc | Letters briefing

A nationwide day of action to remind our MPs of their responsibilities for a post-Covid future!

The Committee on Climate Change recently called for post-Covid recovery to be a just transition, “focused on green growth, social parity and improved resiliency”. Their latest report will be released on June 24th, and is likely to be very critical of government failure to act. To coincide with this report, we will take part in a coordinated national action to deliver a clear message to our MPs that they must force the government to take immediate preventative action to avoid climate collapse, by implementing a Covid recovery plan that achieves net zero carbon by 2025.

When and where are we in action locally?

  • Oxford West (Layla Moran): XR Canaries will be in Bonn Square, Oxford (location here) with large versions of their letters and placards at 3pm. They will probably do a slow march of the surrounding area, and will be wearing a combination of green and black. Anyone from Layla’s constituency is welcome to join. Email for any further details.
  • Abingdon (Layla Moran): XR Abingdon will be meeting at Abingdon market place at 12pm, walking to Layla Moran’s office on Barton Lane to deliver a letter and take some photos (location here), finishing by 1pm. See the Facebook event for updates or email 
  • Oxford East (Anneliese Dodds): Headington Fringe will be writing letters to Anneliese Dodds, and organising a presentation of a letter at her constituency office in Cowley (location here) at 4.30pm. We welcome all rebels in the Oxford East constituency to join us in the letter-writing and/or presentation action. Please contact Mark and Marion at and we will send you our briefing notes and any updates.
  • Witney (Robert Courts): XR Witney and XR Oxford Swallows will be meeting 11am-12noon outside Courts’ Witney office (58-60 High Street, Witney, OX28 6HJ) with our printed letters. If bringing one, try for a wide array of colours and styles, not just a standard letter. We will be hosting a letter-writing Zoom on Monday 22nd June at 8pm on Zoom (meeting link here | Meeting ID: 837 3575 3628 | Password: 140422)

Alok Sharma is Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, tasked with “ensuring that the country has secure energy supplies that are reliable, affordable and clean” and “tackling climate change”. He will be in charge of COP26 in 2021. XR will be marching a short distance to Alok’s office (location here) with manure and the message “Action – not horseshit!”.


As with all in-present XR actions at the moment, please:

  • Observe social distancing guidelines
  • Wear a mask
  • Bring hand sanitiser
  • Do not come if you have any symptoms of Covid-19
  • If you cannot attend in person because you are shielding, email your MP instead, and take a photo with your letter at home and share it online!
Oxford rebels Jessica and Xanthe starting the Rebel Trail

Walk the Rebel Trail – rise up against HS2

Saturday 20th June – Saturday 27th June | Full briefing and route | ‘Get involved form’ | Action Design pack

Along with non-rebel communities, XR is walking the HS2 route from Birmingham to London: 125 miles in 7 days. We will carry symbols of the woodland and species being destroyed to the heart of London. This action aims to raise awareness for the HS2 campaign and bring us together as a community. Join us along the way, or run your own woodland walks in your local area, make banners, spread the word, or take part in any way you’d like to!

If you’re going from Oxfordshire, join this WhatsApp group to help find other people going on the same day, share lifts and support!

Why are we rising up against HS2?

  • The estimated cost is already 400% over-budget, two decades before it is due to be completed
  • The plans include three special stations linked to privately owned airports which have each filed for permission to expand. 
  • Communities in the North of England were never asked what they needed. The UK government is spending their taxes on a new, high-speed link to London, when key rail links between Northern cities are poorly maintained and already unaffordable for most.
  • Right now, 63 Ancient Woodlands are being wholly or partly destroyed by HS2 Ltd. Countless species are being decimated that were already under threat due to habitat loss.
  • HS2 will not be carbon neutral in this century by the contractors’ admission. Join the WhatsApp group to keep in touch. Drivers and help with logistics are needed!

A new way to publicise your news

We want to help all rebels publicise their news so that it reaches as many people as it can. We’ve recently put some work into making this much more possible!

📬 1. New Announcements Form

If you have a piece of news, a request for help or a new project to share, you can now use our new announcements form, found here: (bookmark this link if you use it a lot).

Once you fill it in, your announcement will just be given a very quick look over by the Comms team to check all the details are there. Then it will be sent out to all three of our main channels (the new Telegram channel, the Announcements email list and the Facebook page) automatically. You can choose all three or filter which one you’d like to send it out to. No more logging in to cross-post across multiple places! Please leave up to about a day for your post to go out.

📢 2. Join our new Telegram channel and/or group!

We have a new Telegram channel up and running! If you like the headline news and announcements from across XR Oxford, without the chat, this channel is for you.

Attached to this is our new Telegram community group: for wider discussion around issues important to XR both locally and nationally. You can read the guidelines for our community group here:

To access these groups you will need to first download Telegram on your phone:

📝 3. What this means for the Announcements email list:

An important update is that sending updates to the Announcements email list can only now be done via the announcements form, not through email or on the online forum. Do not email the announcements list from now on if you want to advertise something – it won’t work.

🙋 We want your feedback!

If you have any feedback on how to improve this system, please do share it with us at and we’ll see what we can do!

Food and the Climate & Ecological Emergency

Thursday 9 July, 5pm-6.30 pm | Online talk |  RSVP

Join us to hear Vicki Hird and Miles King discuss what’s wrong with the current food system and explore some of the solutions. Vick Hird is an award-winning author working with Sustain, The Alliance for Better Food & Farming, and is Campaign Coordinator for Sustainable Farming. Vicki will talk about what a sustainable food and farming system could look like in the UK, and discuss what is blocking change.

A report commissioned by COP25 named Miles King as a key journalist influencer on the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Miles is a conservation ecologist with specialist knowledge of grassland and agricultural habitats and an interest in the relationship between nature and people. He has worked at the conservation charities Plantlife, The Grasslands Trust and Buglife. He will be discussing how we might change land use to tackle climate chaos as well as issues around waste, animal farming and bioenergy from crops.

Trees of Hope on Radio Oxford

Last month, XR Headington Fringe created their own Tree of Hope, adorning a cherry tree in Bury Knowles park with their hopeful and inspiring messages. The colourful paper leaves contained messages written by local people and rebels about what they are most looking forward to when lockdown measures ease. One of the messages said: “I hope to hug you soon.” Rebels wrapped a beautiful banner adorned with flowers, birds and leaves around the trunk. It said: “With hope and respect for nature, let’s build a better world”.

Mark, another Headington Fringe rebel commented: “so many people say they’ve heard more birds singing this spring than ever before. We can learn from our experience during the pandemic about what really matters to us, not just to help us get through this but also to encourage our community and city to look at what can be done in the longer term to make Headington – and Oxford – a better place to live and work in. These leaves express what we think is important.”

Listen to local rebel Marion discussing the project on Radio Oxford (starts 14:05 | Read the Oxford Mail article

XR Rebel Ride - Rebels cycling in Oxford.
Credit to Zoe Broughton

Biking through clear streets…

On a beautiful day in late May, Oxford rebels got on their bikes for a socially-distanced ride through Oxford: not just for the exercise, but also to show support for Oxfordshire County Council’s proposals to encourage walking and cycling, and reduce car traffic and air pollution.

Rebels from the Marsh Harriers affinity group took the chance to chalk beautiful messages on an empty Broad Street, one of the streets which the Council has suggested it will pedestrianise.

It’s impossible to say whether our actions had a direct impact on local residents’ views, but it’s heartening to see the public consensus on a healthier, more sustainable Covid-recovery in Oxford. In a recent Oxford City Council survey:

  • 80.9% back removing all car parking from Broad Street and replacing it with socialisation space “to a large extent” or “to a moderate extent”
  • 89.2% back expanding and segregating cycle lanes from vehicular traffic in the city centre “to a large extent” or “to a moderate extent”
  • 80.0% back more space at park and ride sites allocated to secure bicycle parking in order to encourage ‘Park & Pedal’ journeys into the city “to a large extent” or “to a moderate extent”

Watch this beautiful video of the action | Missed it first time round? Critical Mass Oxford are hosting another one this Friday

Massages chalked onto pavements, including "BIKE LANES", and the Extinction Symbol inside a heart symbol above the word "HOPE"
Chalking our wishlist for a wider, more people-friendly Broad Street

Rebels blocking Worcester St, Oxford, with signs including "Clean Buildings", "Speedy travel", "Clean Sweet Air", and a banner with the Extinction Symbol and "Bus Gate Here".

Introducing Bus Gates

Do you know what a bus gate is? Not many do. But they are a key helping #BuildOxfordBackBetter – and will make our city a walking and cycling paradise. They are essentially just CCTV cameras which let buses and bikes through, and fine cars and motorbikes. In typical XR-singing-dancing-flag-waving style, on Saturday 13th June we marked six of the seven sites in Oxford where bus gates are proposed. The key purpose was to show the public where bus gates will go and raise awareness of them and their benefits.

The Oxford plans (i.e. ‘Connecting Oxford Plus’) have been inspired by Ghent, which is very similar to Oxford in population and age. In 2017 Ghent introduced bus gates and since then they have seen:

– 12% less rush hour traffic and 40% fewer cars on the main cycle routes

– 25% more people on bicycles and 28% higher public transport use

– 18% improvement in air quality

– a record electoral win for the politician who delivered it

– a more beautiful, liveable city, a better local economy and more people using local business

See the one-pager for more facts on bus gates that also debunks some myths…

Rebels with signs and chalkings, including "#BlackLivesMatter" and "Climate ustice = Social Justice"
Above: XR support BLM in Eynsham. Below: Chalk markings in Oxford by XR

Rebels support Black Lives Matter

It’s heartening to see rebels across the county supporting the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. As well as attending BLM protests in Oxford, Witney, Abingdon and no doubt elsewhere, the Swallows affinity group held their own mini-event in Eynsham. On a beautiful Sunday morning, socially distanced protesters, some accompanied by their children, gently shared their messages as local people queued for, or drank, their morning coffee in Eynsham Square. Thumbs up and nods from passers by created moments of silent solidarity with black people everywhere.

Where can I find more information?

Newsletter 2020-06-05 — Our world is not safe until black lives are

A sign "Black Lives Matter"
Photo credit: Maria Oswalt

Our world is not safe until black lives are

Out of respect for the recent death of George Floyd, and the many others who have been killed in racist attacks before him, we are pausing our most recent update from XR Oxford to give space for all of us to reckon, to listen, to learn, and to act. We are in a moment that highlights the very toxic system that our unsustainable world is built on.

It’s understandable to think that saving the planet is so urgent that we cannot take our focus off emissions, biodiversity loss, or other strictly ‘green’ issues. But if we look at the whole picture, the whole planet, it is clear that the same worldview of domination and extraction that has led us to the climate crisis is also at the root of racism and all other forms of inequality. One cannot be dismantled without the other. As Robert D. Bullard says: “Climate change is more than parts per million and greenhouse gases. The people who are feeling the worst impacts of climate, their voices have got to be heard.”

Entwining these issues in our rebellion may be uncomfortable, as it may expose the ways in which some of us thrive (and crucially, survive) in the system as it currently stands. It may bring up past mistakes or current blindspots. But as a community of rebels, we can also take this as a bittersweet opportunity: a time to listen attentively, to accept the discomfort, to learn, to support, and to amplify black voices. Further than just in this moment, in ongoing solidarity.

Black lives matter.

Please note that the following resources are not comprehensive. They have been sourced from lists of resources kindly shared by many in the black community and others (including Oxford Climate Justice Campaign) – we thank them for their time and emotional effort.

To further educate and act…

Sign and share





Organizations to donate to if you have the means

Thanks for reading and supporting. 

Newsletter 2019-12-10 – Bringing colour to Black Friday, bringing action to Oxford Farming Conference

A Rebel standing in Oxford city centre with a blue XR "Vote Earth" flag.
Standing for what’s right

We’ve come so far…

…in just over a year! We’re planning a retrospective newsletter for the next edition to come out before Christmas. We’d love your contributions as short highlights and memories, and/or images. We can’t promise to include everything, but send your thoughts to, and upload any photos here​.

We’re also on the lookout for another rebel to join the friendly newsletter team, perhaps as a roaming reporter for events such as the farming conference. Help us expand what we can do and write about in 2020 – drop us an email if you’re interested! 

Also looking forward to next year, XR Oxford Training Group are planning training that meets the needs and priorities of Oxford rebels over the next few months. We’d love to hear your views. The survey will only take you a couple of minutes to complete and will be open until 17th December.


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Oxford Farming Conference – Local Action
  3. XR Theatre is coming to Oxford
  4. A message from the tower – banner drops
  5. Black Friday was full of colour…
  6. #Vote Earth at the Oxford Climate Hustings
  7. ​Citizens’ Assembly Report published

Monday 9th December, 5.30-7pm – XReads: ‘The Flawed Social Science behind XR’s Change Strategy’ by Nafeez Ahmed, East Oxford Community Centre

Tuesday 10th December, 7.30-9pm – Actions Group Meeting, East Oxford Community Centre

Thursday 12th December, 1.30-3 pm – XR Theatrics performance, Oxford

Monday 16th December, 7-9pm – Introduction to Extinction Rebellion, east Oxford

Tuesday 17th December, 6.30-8pm – New North Aston & Area Affinity Group – First Meeting

Wednesday 18th December, 7-10.30pm – XR Oxford Winter Feast & Jam, Florence Park Community Centre

Saturday 21st December, 2-4.30pm – Dances of Universal Peace, St Albans Church (every third Saturday of the month)

7th – 9th January – Local actions during the Oxford Farming Conference, Oxford

Saturday 11th January – XR DNA Training (Save the Date)

Please note that the Eco-Listening Space, usually held every Wednesday, is paused for December. Please contact if you would like to help with holding the space in 2020.

Oxford Farming Conference 7-9 January

Local actions for a sustainable food system

Tuesday 7- Thursday 9 January 2020 | Planning meeting 10 December

The Oxford Farming Conference in January is a high-profile annual gathering of key players in the agriculture and food sector: everyone from small-scale farmers to big agrochemical producers. Speakers come from a range of fields (excuse the pun!), including the National Farming Union, Powered Pasture, the Soil Association, DEFRA, Natural England and many more, with sponsors like Sainsbury’s, McDonalds, pesticide company Syngenta, and Barclays hosting a networking session. 

Agriculture at present, and farmers, are marginalised from the solutions to climate and ecological collapse. The thing that matters most for humankind is low on the global agenda. The simultaneous Oxford Real Farming Conference will provide one antidote by looking ahead to ask what the world really needs, and showing what can be done.

We are planning non-law-breaking publicity and outreach actions for each of the three days of the conference, to draw attention to the farming establishment’s potential role in a more sustainable future, plus a big callout for more land to be used for natural carbon capture. Contributions to the planning are welcome (come along to the planning meeting, or email Till) and affinity groups and individual rebels are encouraged to join in. 

Read the draft action plan

Rebels crisis carol singing in a London Underground station

XR Theatre is coming to Oxford

Thursday 12 December, 1.30-3pm – VOTING DAY | Full event details

Meet at the Carfax end of Cornmarket*

Forum Improvisation Theatre and Crisis Carol Singing are coming to Oxford! And they want you to join them! XR Theatrics brings the climate crisis centre stage by connecting the present day to the near-future realities predicted if urgent action is not taken. Will long queues for rations or water become the ‘new normal’? Will Fresh Air ‘Bars’ like the one just opened in Delhi become commonplace?

*Notes for XR Oxford participants

– Performances start off as “Invisible Theatre” so don’t be surprised if you can’t see anything when you arrive, and please keep XR logos discreet.

– Bring gas masks, if you happen to have one!

The XRO "Vote Earth" banner on the Oxford Castle mound, and Carfax Tower.

A message from the Tower

The amazing #VoteEarth banner got its third outing in less than two weeks on Saturday, appearing from Carfax Tower in central Oxford, and on Castle mound. A great way to keep the environment in voters’ minds as the election nears…well done to all rebels who took part.

Scenes from Oxford Westgate centre on Black Friday: The XRO "Vote Earth" banner drop, Rebels crisis carol singing, the Red Rebels Brigade.

Black Friday was full of colour…

Three consecutive events kept the XR message alive in the Westgate Centre amid the panic buying of Black Friday. The courageous and committed young people of Oxford showed us how creative and sustainable fashion can be; XR Oxford flash mob was in fine voice chanting and singing, flag-waving, leafleting and talking to shoppers; and then there were the stunning Red Rebels stopping members of the public in their tracks, leading to many long and interesting conversations with the public.

XR Youth Oxford raised awareness of the emissions and destructive environmental impacts of the fashion industry by making garments out of old clothes and putting on an alternative catwalk. Watch their inspiring video. About 60 singers from XR Oxford Glorious Rabble created a positive atmosphere enabling conversations with a wide variety of people. About 30 singers joined those who had rehearsed to sing familiar XR songs: The people have spoken; People gonna rise like water; Coal is not cool and coal don’t dig it, oil don’t drill it; Cut our carbon down to zero and finishing off with Power to the people. It sounded brilliant! The evening ended with a solemn procession by the Red Rebels.

Red Rebel Brigade, amongst shoppers at the Westgate Centre.
“I thought the Westgate action was really good. People listened and it felt like it was very effective. The Red Rebels got a lot of attention and helped us.”
Arthur, 10 – pictured above, left

“It was great to interact with so many teens in the Westgate. The majority responding by filming and giggling, but they were definitely engaged. I suspect the giggling was more awkward in that they weren’t too sure how to respond to us. Some thought we looked scary or freaky but we certainly had their attention. In my working day I hear from young adults who don’t think they have a future, they are aware of the plight of animals and feel powerless. If one person was empowered into action to defend our climate by our night out then it’s a start.”

Jenny – Red Rebel at the Westgate Black Friday Action
Dozens of constituents listening to the panel at the climate crisis hustings.

#VoteEarth at the Climate Crisis Hustings

With the amazing ‘Vote Earth’ banner as a backdrop, last Thursday’s Oxford Climate Crisis Hustings succeeded in holding local candidates to account on climate. Over 80 people attended, with Lib Dem and Green candidates for Oxford East, and reps from Labour and the Conservatives. To paraphrase a few of the great questions: 

  • Why not cut government support for fossil fuels and put the money into renewables instead?
  • What are you going to do to stop people flying frequently? 
  • What do you think of the school strikes? 
  • Do candidates support a doubling of tree coverage in Oxfordshire by 2045? 
  • What do the candidates personally do to reduce their environmental impact? 

Broadly speaking, all the parties were very keen to promote their environmental credentials (no surprise there!). But some gave more credible answers than others. All in all, it was great to see such positive engagement, from public and politicians alike. Of course, what action it translates into remains to be seen…

This event was spearheaded by Extinction Rebellion Oxford, and co-hosted with Friends of the Earth Oxford, Parents for Future Oxford, Oxford Climate Policy Forum and Oxford Climate Society. Many thanks to all the local volunteers who made it happen.

Watch the full video of the event

Nick Chater presenting at the Oxford’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change.

Citizens’ Assembly report published

Ipsos MORI, the independent facilitator of Oxford’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change, have released their report on the Oxford Citizens’ Assembly, which can be read in full here


  • The majority of Assembly members felt that Oxford should aim to achieve ‘net zero’ before 2050 and should be a leader in tackling the climate crisis
  • Assembly Members were encouraged by what is already being done across Oxford to address climate change and meet the goal of becoming ‘net zero’
  • Enhanced biodiversity was central to the overall ‘net zero’ vision of Oxford with more cycling, walking, and public transport, and far fewer cars
  • The buildings sector should adopt improved building standards, widespread retrofitting, and more domestic and non-domestic energy needs being met by sustainable sources
  • Around one in four Assembly Members rejected the most ambitious visions of a future Oxford and they were also perturbed by the extent to which the burden of change was being placed on individuals
  • There was a sense that the Council needs to communicate a shared vision and strategy to reaching ‘net zero’ that shows the roles played by local and national government, businesses, and individuals
  • Assembly Members wanted more information about how to recycle correctly          
  • There was a demand for more education and information for the wider public in Oxford to help them understand what they can personally do to help

What happens next?

On 19th December, a report containing Oxford City Council’s initial response to the Assembly’s recommendations will be presented to the Cabinet, including the City Council’s proposals, which will feed into the 2020/21 budget.

In the New Year, the findings will feed in to the City Council’s upcoming Sustainability Strategy, including an Action Plan to determine how the City Council can play its part in tackling the climate emergency over the coming months and years.

As recommended by the Assembly, City Council will also look at its role in convening and engaging stakeholders and the wider public to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. One clear request from the Assembly was to produce educational material and information about how individuals can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the City Council will now work up detailed plans to achieve this.

Emma, one of the participants in the Oxford Citizens’s Assembly, commented:

“Personally, being a member of the Citizens Assembly was a privilege. Hearing from so many experts in their field, having the opportunity to properly discuss issues with other residents of Oxford and listen to the range of responses and views was at times challenging, but also rewarding. I felt proud to be part of the process and at a time when politics can seem disappointing, the Citizens assembly gave me the chance to be heard and for all of us to feel we genuinely had a chance to make a difference.

“The report manages to capture the complexity of the topics we discussed and also how carefully we considered the scenarios presented. There was an understanding of how great the changes would be in our daily lives but I was heartened by the commitment of fellow citizens to make these changes in their lifestyles to achieve net zero. 

“I know the report stresses that we did not agree on a date to achieve it by, just that we wanted to be sooner than 2050 and for me, it seemed that we didn’t want to limit ourselves. For me personally, and plenty of others I talked to, there was a strong aspiration to try and achieve this as soon as we could and to start the process right now as the message that had been loud and clear was the time for action was now and every reduction, every change, every emission that was avoided would make a difference.”

Where can I find more information?

Newsletter 2019-11-21 – Twelve Days of Crisis

Twelve Days of Crisis

“Four calling birds”. Of all the gifts in ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, this one might be the most needed in our current crisis. 

What could they be calling for? The truth? Justice? A future? 

If the birds are calling, we can too.

Whether it’s singing our lungs out on Black Friday, or calling on our politicians to do what’s right on the climate crisis – hustings are imminent for both East and West Oxford constituencies – we can all use our voice.

And volume works – we’ve spread the word about the climate so much this year that both ‘climate emergency’ and ‘climate strike’ have been named Word of the Year by the Oxford English Dictionary and Collins respectively. 

In the run-up to the election, how can we make that call louder?


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. #ElectionRebellion: How to take action
  3. All About Oxford’s Citizens’ Assembly
  4. Singing on Black Friday
  5. XR Muslims are looking for volunteers
  6. Local actions for a sustainable food system at the Oxford Farming Conference

Upcoming Events

Climate Crisis hustings

#ElectionRebellion: How to take action

Extinction Rebellion’s ‘12 Days of Crisis’ starts on 1 December and runs until election day. These elections will shift the UK’s future – let’s not let the climate crisis go ignored in voters’ decisions. But how?

1. Make your local climate hustings a big deal ✅

There are not one but two local climate-focused hustings coming up:

These have the potential to really bring climate issues to the forefront of local elections – but only if locals know they’re happening! Help by sharing the events on social media, to friends and family, and on local community boards.

Stuck for what to ask on the night? Help your potential MPs feel the heat of the climate crisis with one of these probing questions, curated by XR Oxford’s Advocacy team.

You can also volunteer to help out at either event by emailing: 

2. Tell voters the truth with this flyer toolkit ✅

Create your own Tell Voters The Truth Flyer with these handy templates and research sources, in order to put forward a neutral, comparative analysis of local candidates’ record on climate. 

The goal of these flyers is not to endorse any candidate or party, but to Tell Voters The Truth about local candidates campaigning to be their next MP, and their record on climate.

3. Join the Election Rebellion Telegram Chat ✅ 

Local groups will be creating their own actions, but there are also regional actions which re-unite the South East in beautiful Rebellion, shining a spotlight on the true crisis! 🧭🌍 

Don’t miss out on any regional actions – join the SE General Election Telegram chat.

People talking at a citizen's assembly.

All about Oxford’s Citizens’ Assembly

Tuesday 26th November, 7-10pm  | Please register

Roll up, roll up! Find out everything you could possibly want to know about Oxford’s own Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change, which invited 50 Oxford residents to deliberate over potential ways forward on the climate emergency. Oxford is the first city in the UK to use this approach for climate change, so there is a lot we can learn and teach from the process.

This event will explain what happened, how it was planned, and what XR Oxford did, plus analysis and presentations from XR Oxford’s Citizens’ Assembly Project Team and Oxford Citizens Assembly Network.

Learn more about Citizens’ Assemblies and why they’re a key demand

Sing! On Black Friday

Singing on Black Friday

Friday 29th November, 5.30pm | Westgate Shopping Centre | Event

On the next Youth Strike day (and also Black Friday), XR Youth are planning a catwalk action in the afternoon (around 4pm), and afterwards at 5.30pm will be a singing flash mob, in the style of the Glorious Rabble

We need lots of people to sing, and also to chat to shoppers and hand out leaflets. And you don’t need to be a ‘singer’ – the songs/chants are very simple and easy to learn, and people will be on hand to teach them. Please keep an eye on the Facebook/website event for further details.

If you would like to help with outreach, please get in touch with Radha ( Leaflets will be provided. Please bring XR flags if you have them. If you haven’t done this before, and would like to be paired with someone who has, just ask.

Please note this is about supporting the Youth Strike movement and also highlighting the problems of the fast fashion industry, not about blaming and shaming individual shoppers.

XR Muslims are looking for volunteers

XR Muslims are looking for those who identify as Muslims and who’d like to help with any of their ongoing projects, including:

  1. Developing a Heading for Extinction talk with additional material from Muslim faith traditions.
  2. Arranging Heading for Extinction talks in your local mosques (masjids) and Muslim community centres.
  3. Creating a welcome pack for Mosques and Muslim community centres to introduce Muslims to both their local XR groups and the XR (national level) Muslim group.
  4. Writing a report on Muslim community leaders’ perceptions of XR and attitudes towards climate change.
  5. Running social media campaigns – we would love to have creative people to help us design materials and messaging. 

To get involved please get in touch with us at: or join our Whatsapp group.

Artwork with a stag beetle and leaves, in black and white.

Local actions for a sustainable food system

7-9 January 2020

Our next big local action (or set of actions) is on the horizon! The food industry has their annual Oxford Farming Conference in January, and we can take the opportunity to demand transformative changes for a just and sustainable food system.

There will be an action for each of the three days of the conference. You can find the action outline here – please share this widely in your network and affinity groups (AGs), as we’ll commence with detailed planning now and encourage every AG to participate.

This is a set of non-law-breaking publicity and outreach actions which are ideal to integrate new rebels.

If you want to be involved with the planning – whether as part of an AG or not – please reach out to Till ( or check out the Action Working Group’s google thread.

Where can I find more information?

Newsletter 2019-11-08 – October is over. A new stage begins…

A collage of Rebels protesting
Rebels from all over Oxfordshire came together in the capital in defence of the planet – and even managed near-daily solidarity actions in Oxford too (see bottom row, centre)

October is Over. A new stage begins…

October, with all its fierce weather and our fiercer rage, is now just rolling clouds of memories of different shades.

We were moved; we were moved on. 

We rescued tents; we rescued each other.

We were banned; we were the samba band, always arriving just at the right time.

We were rebels on the streets; we were rebels from our kitchen tables.

We were the right choices. We were the wrong choices.

We are just over one year and one week old. We have a lot to learn, without the luxury of much time to do it in. This season will be one of restoration, reflection, learning and soul-searching. It doesn’t have to be a dark or accusatory process, however – in fact, it might just shine a light ahead. There are many events below, crucially the ‘Thinking Back and Looking Forward’ meeting, and plenty of regenerative sessions, to help us through this.

Wherever you were in this Rebellion, whatever you did, thank you. You are essential.


  1. Upcoming Actions/Events
  2. ‘Happy First Birthday! Thinking Back and Looking Forward’
  3. Find your affinity group
  4. Let’s make music!
  5. Were you arrested during the Rebellion?
  6. Make time for some regen

Upcoming Actions/Events

Monday 11th November, 7.30-9pm – Meeting for XR Swallows (West Oxford affinity group), West Oxford Community Centre

Tuesday 12th November, 6.30-9pm – Coordinators’ Meeting, venue TBC (please direct any topics to raise with your affinity or working group coordinator)

Wednesday 13th November, 8-9.30pm, ‘‘Coming Down to Earth’ – Restorative yoga, North Oxford

Thursday 14th November, 6.45-9.30pm – ‘Our First Birthday: Thinking Back and Looking Forward’, Oxford Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre, OX1 1RL

Saturday 16th November, 2-4.30pm – Dances of Universal Peace, St Albans Church, OX4 3AU

Sunday 17th November, 3-6pm – Social for XR Oxford Swallows (West Oxford affinity group), Tap Social, OX2 0LX

Monday 18th November, 7.30-9pm – Actions Working Group meeting, venue TBC

Wednesday 20th November, 8.15-9.45pm‘Expanding Horizons’ – a Regenerative Evening, North Oxford

Friday 22nd November, 7.30-9.30pm ‘Finding, Building and Strengthening your Affinity Group’, Blackbird Leys  

Sunday 24th November, 10.30am-5 pm – ‘Finding the Love at the Wild Edge of Sorrow’ – a Regenerative workshop, Long Crendon

An Eco-Listening Space is also held every Wednesday from 6-7pm at the Oxford Quaker Meeting House, arrive 5.45pm for 6pm.

A banner, surrounded by candles, with the text "Freedom of Speech, Assembly, and Association are basic Rights!"
Not quite a birthday cake, but plenty of candles…

Happy First Birthday! Thinking Back and Looking Forward

14 November, 6.45-9.30 pm, Oxford Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre

All are invited to an evening of reflection and looking ahead, an essential part of us learning and growing as an Oxford group.

In Part I, we will be looking at what XR Oxford has done this year, using the roses/thorns/buds template to review what has gone well, what has been difficult or challenging, and what we have learnt about how we need to develop in the coming period.

In Part II, we will work on a number of topics which have emerged as priorities:

  1. A fourth demand
  2. Power, privilege, diversity and inclusion
  3. Messaging
  4. Future actions – Targeting, creativity

Please note that the title and plan for this session (previously called The Big Debrief) have changed to respond to the needs identified in various discussions since the Rebellion, including the list of topics which people contributed to online and the issues that came up as priorities from the work done in the What’s Next? meeting on 30th October. 

Scientists for XR wearing lab coats, and marching with an XR banner.
Scientists for Extinction Rebellion. Photo by Francesca Harris.

Find your affinity group

‘Finding, Building and Strengthening your Affinity Group’

Friday 22nd November, 7.30-9.30pm

Do you have a passion or interest that you would like to use as part of XR? Would like to find others who share it to build a group?

Maybe you’re…

  • a crafter
  • a teacher
  • a scientist
  • part of a faith group
  • in an area without a local affinity group, or your local affinity group is full

We’re hosting a session on building and strengthening affinity groups within XR Oxford, as well as sharing advice and tips for emerging or existing affinity groups who are wondering how to grow or be more effective. Please email    if you have an idea for an affinity group that you’d like us to publicise before the meeting.

Oxford’s Affinity Groups

In XR Oxford we currently have around 15 affinity groups – some are based around locality (in different Oxford neighbourhoods), some around passions or practices (the Drummers, Meditators, and Red Rebel Brigade), and some are workplace or lifestyle-based e.g. our Oxford University Staff affinity group, or our Families group. They all aim to sustain a sense of community and support.

This meeting may be of particular interest if you:

  • Are interested in drumming
  • Live in Blackbird Leys, OX4 or Long Crendon and would like to be part of new groups there
Rebels singing
October Rebellion opening ceremony. Photo by Jethro Tanner.

Let’s make music!

We have a newly-formed group of XR Oxford Singers and Musicians! This will provide a forum for sharing ideas and making plans to bring music to local actions and events. Everyone’s welcome to join, no matter what your experience – all you need is enthusiasm and passion to let your voice be heard.

  • Please email if you’d like to be added to the email mailing group.
  • If you’re interested in the drumming side of things, there’s also a new Oxford XR Drummers group! Email to get involved
Eight police officers carrying two Rebels under arrest
Photo by Ted Giles

Were you arrested during the Rebellion?

Oxford’s Arrestee Support Group invite arrestees from the October Rebellion to email with details of your arrest. If you consent to us having your information, it would be useful to know:

  • your name; 
  • email and/or phone number; 
  • when and where you were arrested; 
  • and whether you were charged or released under investigation. 

There is of course no obligation to make contact. We will keep track of dates and charges in order to share information and offer support, and will arrange meetings for arrestees. This will be open to arrestees from Oxford and Oxfordshire, as well as those arrested during the April Rebellion (whether charged or not). We are also compiling resources for arrestees and their supporters.

Anyone from XR Oxford who was arrested in either October or April is also welcome to join our Oxford Arrestee Support Google Group. This is a group for sharing experiences and advice – please only share any personal details of your arrest that you would be happy with the wider group seeing.

The regenerative action cycle.

Make time for some regen

Getting back to ‘normal’ isn’t easy, and it’s natural to feel some post-Rebellion blues.

We all go through our own cycles of energy and emotions; one model which XR advocates is the Regenerative Action Cycle (pictured above). It is inspired through observation of natural cycles as well as teachings from many regenerative and indigenous cultures around the world. Following these cycles in our human activities can foster connection and regeneration within ourselves, within our communities, and in our relationship with the other-than-human communities we are part of.

The Regenerative Action Cycle invites us to:

  1. Take care of ourselves and connect with our anchors as we return home (Afternoon/Late Summer)
  2. Celebrate and share stories in small gatherings (Sunset/Autumn)
  3. Accept, debrief, feedback and honour the emotions raised by our actions (Dusk/End of Autumn)
  4. Rest, reflect and dream new visions (Midnight/Mid-Winter)
  5. With gratitude, come together again to develop new ideas and set new intentions (First Light/Beginning of Spring)

This then leads into the next steps for future actions:

  1. Creating teams, training for actions. (Sunrise/Mid Spring) 
  2. Practical Preparation, Pre Arrest prep etc (Mid Morning/Beginning of Summer) 
  3. The Action – (Midday/ Height of Summer) 

Below are some enriching local events which help put this regenerative culture into practice in our Autumn/end of Autumn phase…

  1. Dances of Universal PeaceSaturday 16th November, 2-4.30pm
  2. ‘Expanding Horizons’ – A regenerative evening for local rebelsWednesday 20 November, 8.15-9.45 pm, North Oxford
  3. ‘Finding the love at the wild edge of sorrow’  – an all-day regenerative workshopSunday 24th November, 10.30 am-5 pm, 20 minutes outside Oxford

Where can I find more information?

Newsletter 2019-10-05

A tableaux of Red Brigade Rebels in from of a dinosaur skeleton in Oxford's Natural History Museum

Hat’s off to everyone involved in the Art-Science Extravaganza at the Natural History Museum last weekend! It was an amazing, uplifting event with fantastic collaboration between the Natural History Museum, Extinction Rebellion Oxford and the Sumatran Orangutan Society. Thank you to everyone who planned, created, and joined in!

Now it’s time to rise up! Whether you are arrestable or not, whether you can join us in London for one day, one week, a fortnight or can offer support from home, we need everyone and every part of everyone. The sands are running through the hourglass and time is running out for our beautiful planet. We need to act now!

We need everyone who can to come to our site at Whitehall, where our key theme is ‘Beyond Politics’. Try to come as early as you can in the week – this critical site will be a focus of media and public attention, and we need as many people as possible in order to take it. Right in front of Downing Street, we’ll be highlighting how our democracy is failing to address the climate and ecological catastrophes. We want to propose the positive democratic alternative of a Citizens’ Assembly, where citizens will have the courage to propose the solutions where politicians have failed.

For a larger map of all the London sites, and what they’re standing for, see the October Rebellion page (see the map below for a preview).

One of the best ways to contribute is joining a team on our site – stewarding, photography, sustenance, the list goes on! There is a brilliant new website for exploring and choosing roles.

Map of protest sites around Whitehall, London.

A quick guide to getting ready!

There’s loads of general practical info in XR Oxford goes to the Rebellion, but here are some top tips:

  • Communication: Are you signed up to Telegram and XR Oxford Announcements emails?

    If not, now is the time to do it!
    Join these Telegram channels:
    1. Central “Rebellion Broadcast” (Rebellion-wide announcements)
    2. Whitehall site broadcast (just for our SE region Whitehall site)
    3. Oxfordshire action info” (for Oxfordshire rebels at the Rebellion)
      In Telegram, for privacy, go into privacy & security settings, make a username, and set the “Who can see my phone number?” to “Nobody”.
  • Know our Principles: All participants in the Rebellion are asked to follow the Rebel Agreement as a basis for trust:
    1. We show respect to everyone – to each other, the general public and to the government and police.
    2. We engage in no violence, physical or verbal, and carry no weapons.
    3. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and do not hide from the legal consequences.
    4. We bring no alcohol or illegal drugs
    5. We take responsibility for ourselves; we are all crew.
      Rebels undertaking nonviolent direct action must abide by the Action Consensus
  • Be aware of your rights and the consequences of getting arrested: Attend NVDA training in Oxford or Wallingford, and read this. There will be NVDA training available in London too. This is a quick introduction to the law relating to protest. Print a bust card and bring it with you. Choose your emergency contact and let them know how you’re planning to participate.
  • Sign up for a role either in London or at home. We have so many jobs to sustain the Rebellion!
  • And before you go, make time to recharge your batteries and relax!
  • Affinity groups: If you don’t already have an affinity group or are travelling alone to London, join affinity group formation once a day at our Whitehall site – probably late morning.
  • Travel: the cheapest way to get to London from Oxford is by bus. Keep an eye out for other rebels at Gloucester Green Bus Station. There will be coaches from various cities organized by XR Central on 6 October or join the rebel cyclists.
  • Accommodation: Camping is strongly encouraged in order to hold sites overnight. Bring a pop-up tent, sleeping bag and lots of warm clothes. Here’s a handy kit list.
  • What to wear: it’s going to be cold and could be very wet. Make sure you have plenty of warm comfortable clothes. It’s been suggested that wearing everyday clothes will encourage the public perception that the Rebellion is made up of ‘ordinary’ people. Don’t bring too much in case we have to move, reusable is good, secondhand is good.. 
  • Food: Bring food for yourself and others!
  • List of toilets in Central London
  • Be creative: banners, placards, musical instruments, costumes, pot plants, songsheets, leaflets, facepaint, songsheets, loudhailer … The headline message for our site is Beyond Politics (Citizens’ Assemblies).

XR banners
Photo credit: Jane King.

Why Whitehall and what about Brexit?

At this moment in British political history, with a divided country, it is essential that XR UK’s actions are focused primarily at Government rather than at Parliament. XR calls for MORE, for an upgraded democracy not less. XR UK will use every opportunity to draw our 3 Demands forcefully to Parliament’s attention, but UK XR Political Circle want to urge very strongly that our actions and words in Westminster in October target principally ‘Executive’ actions and Government departments that are stopping real action on the Climate and Environment Emergency.  Parliament declared a Climate and Environment Emergency after our Rebellion on 1st May. It is Government action that is now needed (as well as Parliament going further to legislate for nearer-term deadlines on biodiversity and on climate). We are engaging in NVDA to renew democracy in this country. A Citizen’s Assembly on Climate and Ecological Justice can usher in a new era of direct, deliberative democracy and address our democratic crisis. 

Extinction Rebellion’s strategy will focus on Government Departments to Demand they tell the truth about their plans for Ecological and Climate Breakdown. 

Messaging  for the Oxford site, given we hope to target Downing Street, will focus fully on our third demand, the Citizen’s Assembly. Key messages are: The current system needs help; Westminster cannot solve this crisis alone; Our electoral system isn’t coping with modern challenges.

Street Kitchen at Marble arch
Source: Sustenance Facebook.


The October Sustenance group are working hard to prepare for your arrival, but time is not on our side and our budget only stretches to 10p per Rebel per day – that includes power, equipment, food supplies, everything… We are expecting A LOT of Rebels, October Sustenance would LOVE to feed you all, but sadly this is just not possible. The kitchens will have to serve those that are the most in need – those who have travelled, those that are camping, those on actions, those that can’t afford to buy their food… The October Sustenance page has excellent ways to donate.

Identify cheap places to eat, share them with your group and sign up for places offering Rebel discounts.

Bring food, washable bowls, spoons and mugs to the rebellion. We have a wish list for a wide variety of items. Also needed for the training tent: yoga mats/carpet offcuts; folding camp chairs; umbrellas; bunting; battery powered lights.

We’re recruiting food collectors to collect free surplus food from all over London and the whole Rebellion needs SO many couriers! Or be a kitchen lead or kitchen crew .

Or sign up for another job (from event logistics to well-being), including roles for people who can’t make it to London. 

XRO at the Oxford Natural History Museum
Photo by Luis Cartaxo

Spread the Word!

You can send stories to your local press, adapt this template, find some quotes from local rebels, add a good picture and send it off to your local newspapers, radio and TV stations. The regional press working group needs more volunteers!

Talk to your friends, your family, your coworkers. Tell them why you’re rebelling and ask them to join you, if only for a day. Don’t forget to reshare any important updates you see to our Extinction Rebellion Oxford group via Facebook or Twitter.

XRO at the Oxford Natural History Museum
Photo by Luis Cartaxo

Arrestee Support

Help us build a strong support network in Oxford and surroundings for people arrested in the October Rebellion. There are hundreds of local police stations where rebels may be held, especially outside of London, we need people to be ready to support arrestees as they are released. They may have been held for 24 hours, be worried, hungry, thirsty, disorientated and tired. It may be 2pm or 2am and they may have run out of phone battery, and not know where they are. We’ve created 150 police station support groups and a map to allow you to click on a link that lets you join your local police station group/s. If you help, join as many local station groups as you can in relation to where you can offer support. This is a great way for people who cannot travel to London to be involved and is an essential link in the XR support chain.

XRO Extravaganza kids in masks.
Photo by Luis Cartaxo

 Let us take a moment, this moment, to consider why we are here. 

Let’s recall our love for the whole of humanity, in all corners of the world. 

Let’s remember our love for this beautiful planet that feeds, nourishes and sustains all life. 

Let’s recollect our sincere desire to protect all this, for now and for generations to come.

As we act today, may we find the courage to bring this sense of peace and appreciation to everyone we encounter, to every word we speak, and to every action we make. 

In this emergency. 


Rooted in love. We are all we need.

Where can I find more information?