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Affinity Groups

XR affinity groups are small groups of people supporting each other and working to achieve the XR goals. By organising as many small groups pursuing a shared vision, we avoid getting too bogged-down in slow decision-making processes.

Form an affinity group with your friends, or with other Oxford Rebels you meet.

Existing Affinity Groups

Find groups in your area on the Affinity Groups map.

Working Groups

The Working Groups are groups within XR Oxford that organise certain areas of our activity. Anyone can join a working group – you don’t need to be NVDA trained.

To join, find out more, or suggest an idea, contact the working group coordinator directly. You can be involved as much or as little as you want, and no experience is required. Everyone’s ideas are valued.

Actions and Logistics

Plans non-violent direct actions.


Arrestee Support

Promoting the wellbeing and legal support of all XR arrestables and arrestee activists throughout actions and any subsequent legal process.



Making sure that the Arts are central to all our actions in Oxford. Organises semi-regular crafts sessions for making flags, banners, and badges, etcetera.



Managing our our communications channels and online presence, ensuring that Oxford rebels have access to all the information they need. Promoting and stewarding a culture of respectful, constructive, and regenerative communication. This WG includes tech support, so give us a shout if you need to put something on the website or need help with one of our online systems.


Equity, Diversity and inclusion

The remit of this group includes encouraging diversity and equity within XR Oxford, making sure the movement is representative of a wide range of perspectives and experiences, and building relationships with relevant local organisations. We believe social and racial justice are inseparable from a sustainable world and therefore must be at the heart of the fight against climate change.



If action organisers would like the XR Oxford Drummers to participate in an action then please contact In order to remain secure then do not email details of the action to this address but please get in touch to ask for an offline chat.


To build a sustainable mass movement, by recruiting new rebels and activating people on the periphery and building commitment, connection, and purpose within XR.
(Previously named “Outreach”.)

The engagement group is currently suspended due to pandemic restrictions.

Regenerative culture

A core strand of Extinction Rebellion. It’s about going about our campaigning in a way that respects and looks after ourselves and each other, helping to bring about the culture that we’d like to see.



Runs NVDA training, and Induction sessions for new rebels.