AG & WG Coordinators’ meeting (4th Dec)

The plan is for the first almost two hours to be allocated to separate, parallel meetings of AG Coordinators and of WG Coordinators. We will then meet as a joint group of AG and WG Coordinators, in order to coordinate efforts between AGs and WGs. It is likely that much time will be devoted to the October Rebellion, but the hope is that the meetings will also give enough time to flag up other topics.

There is a kitchen available in both venues, so we can have at least tea/coffee/biscuits, but given the length and timing of the meeting, I’d like to suggest we do a bring & share, because I think that will increase our effectiveness (energy levels!) and there’s nothing like bonding over food.

St Clements Family Centre

Finding, Building, and Strengthening your Affinity Group

Would you like to join a close-knit group of rebels who go to actions together, socialise, and organise their own local events or outreach? Maybe you’re a drummer, a crafter, a teacher or grandparent, looking for others who share your passion or experience, and also want to put it into action against the climate crisis?

Or are you looking for tips to strengthen or build your own affinity group, maybe wondering: ‘Where to next?’

What is an affinity group?

An affinity group (otherwise known as an AG) is typically a small group formed by trust and commonality, that both takes action on the climate crisis together, and supports each other through the process. In the midst of the climate and ecological crisis, it is useful to be part of a team, almost a family, whom you trust and share something in common with.

In XR Oxford we currently have around 15 affinity groups – some are based around locality (in different neighbourhoods of Oxford), some are more based around passions or practices (the drummers, meditators, and Red Rebel Brigade), and some are workplace or lifestyle-based e.g. our Oxford University Staff affinity group, or our Families group. They all aim to sustain a sense of community and support.

Some are open, some are full, but we’re always looking to help start new ones!

About the session

This session will:

  • help people without affinity groups connect over shared passions, interests or other things in common, which could in turn lead to the start of new groups. If you have a passion, or idea for an affinity group, please email in advance and we can help publicise this for you in advance, so that others who share it might come along.
  • support those in emerging affinity groups to find new members, and find out tips and tricks for building your group and planning actions/events
  • find out how we can support longstanding AGs – what are their needs moving forwards?

See the booking page for current ideas for new groups that you might want to join!

Please note that you don’t have to have an idea (or even a current affinity group!) in order to come to the session and take part. It is open to everyone.

Please arrive from 7.15 for a 7.30 start. There will be a short break in the middle for teas and coffees.

The venue has accessible ground floor meeting rooms and disabled toilet facilities. It is easily accessible from the centre of Oxford on buses 1,5 or 12.

Blackbird Leys (see venue page for free tickets)

Venue accessibility information
The venue has accessible ground floor meeting rooms and disabled toilet facilities. It is easily accessible from the centre of Oxford on buses 1, 5, or 12.

Social – Swallows of West Oxford

A friendly, relaxed social for anyone who wants to be a part of the XR Swallows affinity group – basically anyone from West Oxford or West of Oxford! We’re a lively, active group who just happen to have one of the best social places in Oxford near our doorsteps (Tap Social!). Part of the venue is a bar/brewery but it also has a cafe space, so both beer and regular non-alcoholic beverages will be on offer.

Please come join us to meet other Swallows and find out more about the group. If you have any questions for the group, please email

Tap Social! Botley, OX2 0LX

Venue accessibility information
Please note that part of Tap Social is upstairs and not wheelchair accessible – please message us at if this would be an issue.

Meeting for Swallows affinity group (West Oxford)

A de-brief session post the rebellion, followed by group discussions about ‘What Next?’ for the Swallows.

Swallows is the local affinity group for anyone who identifies as being from West Oxford and west of Oxford – we have people from all along the Botley Road and up to Long Hanborough! We’re a friendly, active group who go to actions and do outreach together, especially in our local community. Come and meet us! Tea and coffee provided.

Please email to be added to our Swallows mailing list.

West Oxford Community Association (WOCA)

Venue accessibility information
The venue is fully accessible.