Consent Advocacy workshop with XR co-founder Stu Basden

Are you interested in how XR can build a healthy working culture at the October Rebellion? Come to this workshop to explore it together.

This workshop aims to introduce participants to conversations around consent in daily life (including physical, emotional and sexual), the consent advocacy circle and its role in XR. We hope to achieve this through creating a reflective learning environment and carrying out practical, experiential exercises to help participants consider consent in their own lives.

By the end of the session we hope participants will be open to having discussions around consent and have a greater understanding of how to practice consent properly in their daily lives.

We’ll be welcoming people who wish to join the Consent Awareness Teams (CATs) at XR sites during the October blockades – a non-arrestable, 1-2 hour/evening role, suitable for people with varying levels of confidence. There’s no expectation that people who come to the workshop will join a team, and you’re welcome to attend this workshop even if you know you don’t want to join/become a CAT!

Content warning: There may be sexual content discussed in the workshop and topics that may be difficult for some people to talk about. We completely understand if people need to take time out at any point during the workshop and participation in practical exercises will be optional.

This workshop will be facilitated by XR co-founder Stu Basden and Jess Thomas.

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Venue accessibility information
Wheelchair access to the building. Disabled WC nearby but not in the building