General meeting (23 Jan)

The first of a regular series of six-weekly general Oxford XR meetings bringing us together as a whole group for:
– Dialogue and engagement with each other: sharing what we’ve been doing and thinking about, feedback to and from each other, sharing successes and ideas for encouragement and inspiration
– Finding out what needs doing and who wants to do what in XR
– Building, experiencing and practising XR culture, eg People’s Assemblies

We will begin with introductions and an open forum for news and topics that we want to address, followed by a People’s Assembly to elaborate on themes that arise, then go from that into a actions – planning, working up ideas for action, taking on roles and tasks, or whatever else is needed.

There’ll be an informal record of the meetings, which will be accessible to everybody, and can be used to inform decision-making in XRO.

Chadwick Dining Hall, Cheney School

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Fully accessible

XR DNA: Our story, strategy, values & structure

This is a packed day to explore in detail what makes XR different, what makes it tick, to share the Self Organising System theory of XR, to explore ideas for mobilising local group members, and to share and practice tools for effective meetings and decision-making in your groups. You will learn loads, connect with some great people, and leave with renewed energy for XR and the part that you play. Not to be missed!

Liquid refreshments will be available throughout the day. Please bring a packed lunch or you can buy lunch locally. Fully supervised children are welcome.

See the booking page for venue details.

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The venue is accessible by wheelchair.

XReads: ‘The flawed social science behind Extinction Rebellion’s change strategy’ by Nafeez Ahmed

XReads, an open and informal reading and discussion group for XR Oxford, discusses ‘The flawed social science behind Extinction Rebellion’s change strategy’ by Nafeez Ahmed.

Everyone is welcome to come and discuss this insightful critique of XR’s strategy, covering arrest as strategy, the famous 3.5% statistic, and race and class privilege. Approx. 40 minute read straight-through, longer to digest it properly!

The original article can be found here: The flawed social science behind Extinction Rebellion’s change strategy.

A print-ready copy for those who prefer to read offline is also here: Google document.

You don’t need to have read the whole article, as someone present will provide a quick summary at the beginning. But it helps!

Oxford Action Resource Centre (upstairs at East Oxford Community Centre)

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Accessible via lift

Climate Crisis Hustings

The general election on December the 12th is an opportunity to push action on the climate and ecological crisis to the top of the political agenda. It is a chance to impress on political leaders the urgent need for action.

This is your opportunity to question them about their policies to see if they are good enough to meet the challenge we face.


  • Conservative Party: Louise Staite (invited)
  • Green Party: David Williams (confirmed)
  • Labour: Anneliese Dodds (confirmed)
  • Liberal Democrats: Alistair Fernie (confirmed)

Organised by Extinction Rebellion Oxford, Friends of the Earth Oxford, and Parents for Future Oxford.

New Road Baptist Church, Bonn Square, OX1 1LQ

AG & WG Coordinators’ meeting (4th Dec)

The plan is for the first almost two hours to be allocated to separate, parallel meetings of AG Coordinators and of WG Coordinators. We will then meet as a joint group of AG and WG Coordinators, in order to coordinate efforts between AGs and WGs. It is likely that much time will be devoted to the October Rebellion, but the hope is that the meetings will also give enough time to flag up other topics.

There is a kitchen available in both venues, so we can have at least tea/coffee/biscuits, but given the length and timing of the meeting, I’d like to suggest we do a bring & share, because I think that will increase our effectiveness (energy levels!) and there’s nothing like bonding over food.

St Clements Family Centre

XReads: Planning Meeting

Come along to the first planning meeting of XReads – a reading and discussion group for XR Oxford of all things climate, activism or action. Basically anything is up for grabs – texts, readings, poems, articles, speeches, or anything interesting – as long as it helps deepen our thinking and insight of our movement and ourselves as people acting for the planet.

Everyone welcome, please feel free to come along to help shape this developing group.

If you can’t make the meeting but would still like to be involved in the planning and organising of the group, please email and we’ll keep you in the loop.

Oxford Action Resource Centre (upstairs in East Oxford Community Centre)

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The venue is upstairs via accessible lift

Structure & Process Team meeting

A meeting for members of the Structure and Process team.

This is not open to new members, as the team is about to wrap up its work, and will be feeding back recommendations to XRO for a minimum basic structure that we can iterate on once we’ve got it in place and can see what does/doesn’t work well.

There will be plenty of opportunities to input on the proposal once the S&P team brings it to the group, and to propose adjustments as we see how it works in practice.

Actions Working Group Meeting

The next regular meeting of XR Oxford’s Actions Working Group. We will be focusing mainly on planning an exciting action coming up in January, but there will also be an opportunity to share ideas for future actions. Anyone who wants to help with the planning AND practical organisation of actions is very welcome. We have a few unfilled roles within our working group, which we are also looking to fill at this meeting.

To be confirmed, but will be in Oxford somewhere fairly central

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Venue will be accessible