Global Climate Strike

In May this year, Greta Thunberg and 46 youth climate activists put out the following call:

“Young people have led the climate strikes. Now we need adults to join us too. We can’t stave off global heating by ourselves. Together, on 20 September, we can unleash mass resistance.”

This is our chance to stand in solidarity with the young generation. Greta Thunberg and youth strikers have inspired the world. And people from all walks of life are responding. This September, throughout the world, millions of us will walk out of our workplaces and homes to join young
climate strikers on the streets and demand an end to the age of fossil fuels.

Our house is on fire — let’s act like it! No more “business as usual”. We demand climate justice for everyone.

In Britain the 20th September Climate Strike has backing from the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN), the Campaign against Climate Change (CaCC), Extinction Rebellion and a number of trade unions. A motion calling upon the TUC to call a 30 min stoppage has been passed unanimously at the UCU NEC. This will now go
to the TUC which starts on 8th September. Trade union activists up and down the country are building for some sort of action on 20th.

But you don’t have to work through the trade unions to support this Climate Strike.
What everyone can do:

  • Draw up a simple petition, suitable for your workplace, to support “action” on 20th September and go round your work mates to see who will sign it. If possible hold a lunch time meeting to discuss this.
  • If you are not in work, discuss the 20th September with your friends and arrange to take part together.
  • On 20th Sept get together with workmates and friends and take time off from work, or a long lunch break or strike action, in order to join others in Broad Street in the centre of Oxford. Bring your trade union banner and your placards.

Update 2019-07-28: Location changed from Bonn Square to Broad Street.