Newsletter 2020-06-05 — Our world is not safe until black lives are

A sign "Black Lives Matter"
Photo credit: Maria Oswalt

Our world is not safe until black lives are

Out of respect for the recent death of George Floyd, and the many others who have been killed in racist attacks before him, we are pausing our most recent update from XR Oxford to give space for all of us to reckon, to listen, to learn, and to act. We are in a moment that highlights the very toxic system that our unsustainable world is built on.

It’s understandable to think that saving the planet is so urgent that we cannot take our focus off emissions, biodiversity loss, or other strictly ‘green’ issues. But if we look at the whole picture, the whole planet, it is clear that the same worldview of domination and extraction that has led us to the climate crisis is also at the root of racism and all other forms of inequality. One cannot be dismantled without the other. As Robert D. Bullard says: “Climate change is more than parts per million and greenhouse gases. The people who are feeling the worst impacts of climate, their voices have got to be heard.”

Entwining these issues in our rebellion may be uncomfortable, as it may expose the ways in which some of us thrive (and crucially, survive) in the system as it currently stands. It may bring up past mistakes or current blindspots. But as a community of rebels, we can also take this as a bittersweet opportunity: a time to listen attentively, to accept the discomfort, to learn, to support, and to amplify black voices. Further than just in this moment, in ongoing solidarity.

Black lives matter.

Please note that the following resources are not comprehensive. They have been sourced from lists of resources kindly shared by many in the black community and others (including Oxford Climate Justice Campaign) – we thank them for their time and emotional effort.

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