Going to COP26?

If you are thinking of travelling to Glasgow for COP26, here’s all the information you’ll need, including help for anybody whose situation might disadvantage them. If you would prefer to take action locally, we’ll be announcing our plans for local actions in and around Oxford soon.

The COP26 Plan

We’re going to focus on charging world governments with crimes against humanity. Read XR UK’s position on COP here, and check out XR Scotland’s COP26 Rebellion page.

XR Glasgow have produced a comprehensive Guide to COP26. If you’re going, we recommend reading it all, but here are some key points:


If you are involved in activity in Glasgow, please send pics with brief explanatory text to stevedawe@gn.apc.org for release to Oxford media. Please also provide a contact mobile number where the media can reach you. These pictures can be valuable for our website as well.


  • Claim up to £60 in travel costs – see the guide for full details
  • Justice Steering Group Fund – XR Justice Steering Group wants to hear from UK rebels who wouldn’t be able to participate in COP actions/disruptions because of either their social/economic/health situation. Apply here.


See XR Scotland’s events here.

Deep Water Rising

Deep Water Rising 30th Oct 2021

Deep Water Rising is a global inclusive action gathering the voices of people from across the world, culminating in a global action – Call the Alarm on 30th October.

The action is rooted in folk history and accessible to everyone.

Followed by Floody Hell! Drowning in Greenwash – a Stop the Greenwash action on 31st October.

This is a great initiative reaching out to the general public to take part. There are two action packs:

Sign up for the newsletters:

All Deep Water’s social media links can be found here.