Global Day of Action for Climate Justice


On Saturday, November 6th, an estimated 100,000 marchers filled the Glasgow streets, as part of the Global Day for Climate Justice – a coalition of organisations to bring together many movements, with some 200 cities participating around the world. The message was that justice will not be delivered by world leaders or corporations and that only we can build a future that works for all of us.

Protesters with a banner reading
"Oppressed people... will rise up like a mighty tide and clean this beachfront of capitalism and racism, and make the revolution" - Elaine Brown, Black Panther
Green party protestors with a banner reading "No time to waste"

There was a strong XR presence on the march, with many rebels using their weekend to travel to swell the numbers on the Glasgow streets.

Extinction Rebellion protestors with a banner reading "Act on the science"

A short distance from the march, XR Scientists called on politicians and leaders at the COP to listen to the science before it is too late. Sitting in white lab coats they chained themselves to each other on the King George V bridge in Glasgow city centre, while scientists from around the globe held aloft a banner saying: “Climate revolution or we will lose everything”.

XR Scientists with a banner reading "Climate revolution or we will lose everything"


Extinction Rebellion protestors with a banner reading "We're up sh*t creek"

Millions around the world, in more than 250 locations, marched to demand climate justice. XR Oxford were part of it, joining other climate groups and concerned individuals for a 3000-strong demonstration. The main march mustered at Manzil Way and wove along Cowley Road and the High Street towards Broad Street. Feeder marches from North and West Oxford joined along the way, adding colourful banners (Canaries) and giant eyeballs (Swallows) as they came.

XR Swallows wearing eyeball masks. A banner reads "COP26 The World is Watching"

Speeches at the rally on Broad Street included an impassioned call to arms from XR Youth Oxford, and were interspersed with a performance from XR and the Seagreen Singers of Karine Polwart’s beautiful song Enough is Enough.

A huge crowd gathers in Broad Street, Oxford
Photo: Feng Ho

It was heartening to see the numbers out for the march, the coalition of groups that made it possible, and the number of XR flags and banners making our presence felt.

Seeing Red

Who can fail to be moved when they see the Red Rebels wending their way through our streets? The depth of the red is shockingly intense against concrete buildings and yet achingly vulnerable against hi-viz police vests. As performance art the Red Rebel blood of our species flows through the streets.

The quiet focus of the Red Rebels is an arresting presence amongst bustling (protesting) crowds and ahead of the Oxford march as part of the Global Day for Climate Justice on November 6th an urgent call went out. Volunteers were needed to walk with the Red Rebels during the march, to hand out leaflets and talk to passers by.

The Oxford Red Rebels with a sign reading Code Red for Climate

Headington Fringe rebel Jackie Brumwell volunteered:

I remember the first time I saw The Red Rebels and how affecting their silent, meditative performance was. Together with a friend, I offered to support them on the Nov 6th march as part of the local COP26 actions. Again, I was reminded how effective peaceful demonstration can be. 

On our way, most people were very respectful, waiting as we passed, stopping to watch and take photos.  Some were interested to learn more about what the Rebels represent and what we were doing on the streets. It was a fabulous way to open the conversation about climate.

What also enhanced my experience of supporting The Red Rebels was a reminder (after some time away from demonstrating on the streets) of the ever friendly and patient help and advice from the other volunteers. It left me with a sense of solidarity and family, we’re all in this together. I would strongly recommend helping out in this way if you get the chance.