Oxford and Cambridge coalition publish league table of colleges based on climate policies

The ‘Climate League of Oxford and Cambridge’, an alliance of student and citizens’
environmental groups, released league tables ranking colleges based on their climate
policies (‘CLOC Tables’). The CLOC Tables revealed that no colleges received top grades
A*, A, or B, and that the majority of colleges received fail grades.

Despite Cambridge and Oxford colleges demanding A*s, As and Bs from its applicants, no
colleges received top grades. Cambridge’s highest-ranked college was Jesus College (67
points, a C), followed by St. Johns (52 points, a D), and Queen’s College (46 points, and E).
Oxford’s highest-ranked college was Somerville College (51 points, a D), followed by Corpus
Christi (47 points, an E), and Mansfield College (46 points, an E).

The majority of colleges received fail grades (57/68) and the average grade received was 22
points. 17 colleges received less than 10 points (4 in Cambridge and 12 in Oxford) and 4
colleges failed to score a single point (all 4 in Oxford).

The full CLOC Tables are available online at: www.oxcamCLOC.org.

Launch events of the CLOC Tables took place in both towns on Friday 19th November.

In Oxford, members of CLOC projected scores onto colleges and wrote the grades in front of colleges using chalk.

Later in the day, they created a visual representation of the CLOC Tables using the steps of
the Clarendon building. Each step was allocated a grade in descending order, and students
stood on the respective steps holding A-level certificates with college crests. The top steps –
representing the grades A*, A, B and C – remained empty.