XR Oxford Newsletter – January 2022


Dates for your diary

  • Wednesday 12th January, 7pm, online: Transforming Oxford’s Economic Strategy Group meeting. Our apologies for the late notice!
  • Saturday 15th January 12-2pm, Cornmarket: Protest against the PCSC bill.
  • Wednesday 19th January: Oxford’s Economic Strategy Consultation Survey closes.
  • Sunday 23rd January, 3pm, Port Meadow: Change to the LCON Climate café: Given the escalation in the Pandemic due to Omicron we feel a walk in Nature will be a refreshing and safe option for our Jan 23rd meeting. Assuming rules permit we are planning to have a Climate walk instead of the indoor café meeting. So sorry if this excludes people with mobility problems and we are actively looking at options including the possibility of additional on line sessions. Please check the LCON website for details.
  • Monthly Gathering postponed while we await the updated UK strategy.

Volunteers Needed

News and reports

We hope you’ve had a restful holiday break and are raring to go in the New Year!

Act on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

The House of Lords will vote on the government’s amendments to the PCSC Bill on 17th January: we have until then to persuade them to ditch these further, staggering restrictions on our right to peaceful protest.

15th January: Act on the Streets. Gather on Cornmarket 12-2pm. Bring bike locks, (or glue?) and placards saying ‘The PCSC Bill means I could be arrested for carrying this’ (or message of your choice). We will have samba and leafleting; most people know nothing about the implications of this bill – we need to raise awareness.

Until 17th January: Engage the Lords. The Digital Rebellion team have made it incredibly easy to contact Lords (by phone, twitter or email) with your concerns about the amendments: just follow this link for a step by step guide. Act in your own time, or get together with others for a lobbying session.

Want to know more about the Bill and the new amendments? This document collates some useful sources of ideas and information.

Read about our Police Bill protest march on the 8th December here.

A better future for Oxford: Transforming Oxford’s Economic Strategy

Oxford City Council is now consulting on Oxford’s Economic Strategy which closes on 19th
January. Oxford’s Economic Strategy and Delivery Plan will fundamentally affect the future
wellbeing of our city. The Transforming Oxford’s Economic Strategy Group is gathering support for a sustainable and inclusive response to the plan. Please read their full letter here.

XR/Earth Meditators Action: Cornmarket 21 Dec 2021

For many of us the winter solstice marks a deeply felt turning point in the earth’s seasonal journey – the darkest moment of the year, but also the moment when the light and the life starts to return. And so this felt like an auspicious day to give witness to our still faintly held hope that humanity might also come to a turning point in our engagement with the climate crisis. Read our full report here.

In love and rage,

The XR Oxford Crew