Join Digital Rebellion this weekend, and more events for March!

With the April Rebellion rapidly approaching and the Policing Bill back in Parliament, it’s getting busy again! Here’s your weekend update.

Dates for your diary

  • Saturday 26 February 12-2pm: Elephant in the Room: the energy bill crisis and government climate inaction. Outreach on Cornmarket, to engage with people on a very current issue, and start publicising the engagement talks in early March. Please come along if you’re free.
  • Monday 28 February: Policing Bill in Parliament – read more below.
  • Wednesday 2 March 7-9pm: Change is Now. For all new rebels: We know the gravity of the climate and ecological emergency, and we all want to do something about it. Come and talk to other local people who feel the same, and want to act in 2022 to turn things around. New Road Baptist Church, Bonn Square, Oxford, OX1 1LQ
  • Sunday 6 March 3-5pm: Change is Now. Alternative date for anyone who can’t attend the previous session. St Columba’s United Reformed Church, Alfred Street, Oxford, OX1 4EH
  • Tuesday 8 March: On International Women’s Day of Action, take part in the Women’s Climate Strike.
  • Saturday 12 March 12pm: Oxford4Nature March. Demand that Oxford’s Economic Strategy follows the Doughnut Economics model. See below.
  • Saturday 12 March 2-5pm: Outreach Workshop: come and hone your outreach skills and confidence. Details and tickets here – places limited.
  • Saturday 19 March: UN Anti-Racism Day. Oxford is going to the National March Against Racism in London. Book your coach ticket here. See below.
  • Saturday 9 April, 10am: Next UK Rebellion, Hyde Park, London


Policing Bill

Democracy is under attack in the UK. But by combining contemporary technology with principles as old as democracy itself, the XR Digital Rebellion team are fighting back. They have had extraordinary success already, but with a key vote looming on Monday, more is needed. Read How Democracy Fights Back for background and then join the Digital Rebellion to defend our democratic freedoms now!

Stand with Ukraine

Our reliance on fossil fuels is inextricably linked with the shocking invasion of Ukraine this week. XR Ukraine have written a letter appealing for a united response against fossil fueled terror.

If you wish to show support for Ukraine, the Oxford University Ukrainian Society will be holding a solidarity event at the Radcliffe Camera on Sunday 27th February at 13:00.

Doughnut Economics Protest – Saturday 12th March

Oxford4Nature is organising a doughnut economics protest on 12th March at 12 Noon in Broad Street.  They have worked with some city councillors who have agreed to table a motion to adopt the model on 19th March, but it is far from certain that it will be voted in. Public pressure is therefore key. The XR Oxford Samba drummers will be supporting and Oxford rebels are encouraged to join in. Find out more about Doughnut Economics in this video.

March Against Racism – Saturday 19th March

We know that Climate Change Is Racist. Join the international mobilisation against racism and fascism on UN anti-racism day. Book your seats on the Oxford transport to the national demonstration in London online here.

It’s time for the anti-racist majority to make ourselves heard. The government has responded to the historic Black Lives Matter movement’s demands to end institutional racism and the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 by denying its existence – and launching further attacks on communities and those who protest. Attempts to scapegoat refugees and migrants are escalating, leading to deaths in the Mediterranean and the Channel as governments attempt to reinforce the borders of Britain and ‘Fortress Europe’.

We are seeing the rise of racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism and the growth of racist and fascist organisations internationally – legitimised by governments increasingly using the politics of divide and rule. To defeat this, we need mass resistance to the racist offensive taking inspiration from the global BLM protests, communities mobilising to stop their neighbours being deported and the overwhelming support for footballers and cricketers who have faced institutional racism and abuse. On Saturday 19 March we will be marching in London and Glasgow as part of a day of international protests to mark UN Anti- Racism Day and in Cardiff on 20 March. This is our chance to take to the streets and send a powerful message that the anti-racist majority demands to be heard.

End Ghost Flights

One last quick action you can take: did you know that 15,000 empty flights have left the UK since the start of the pandemic, just to keep airline landing slots? Sign the petition to end this appalling practice here.

In love and rage,

The XR Oxford Crew