We Refuse To Be Bystanders

join the rebellion on april 9th

The war in Ukraine and the cost-of-living crisis underline the day-to-day risks of the Government’s ongoing failure to break its addiction to fossil fuels. We should have been investing in renewables, heat pumps, home insulation, public transport, and the green economy for decades. As the UK Office for Budget Responsibility has said, these policies will create thousands of jobs and save billions of pounds for the UK public. But the Government has been actively blocking them, enriching fossil fuel executives and oil state autocrats and subsidising climate breakdown instead.

Nor is this only a matter of day-to-day risks. As the window to secure a liveable future starts to close, we must end the fossil fuel economy now. But politicians in the pocket of corporations, lobbyists, and climate deniers are treating Code Red for Humanity as a green light to double down on fossil fuels. Even the Energy Secretary has admitted this won’t address the cost-of-living crisis. It won’t help with the war in Ukraine. It won’t give us energy security. It will just lock in dependence on Big Oil and political power for its executives for decades more, heaping further devastation on top of the enormous climate injustices of the present.

Extinction Rebellion will not let this happen without a fight. On April 9th we are striking in London, where corporate power and Government cowardice perpetuate the fossil fuel economy that is killing us all. We are striking at refineries, disrupting the colossal harms being done by the barrel while politicians spout their Blah Blah Blah in Westminster. We do not expect our actions to affect the cost of fuel to the public. But we will not let oil companies carry on unhindered while politicians dither.

We refuse to be bystanders.

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