Change Is Now

Are you worried about what the climate and ecological emergency means for our future? Some people from east Oxford have decided to do something about it. We’re inviting people to a talk and get-together that we’ve organised.

It’s about:

  • Why the climate and environment are currently in big trouble
  • Why voting, buying green, and signing petitions isn’t enough
  • How enough of us working together in 2022 could help turn things around

It’s time to stop feeling powerless and alone, and get to know all the other amazing local people who want to see real change too. All around the UK, people are getting organised. This is our chance to be part of something big that finally makes a difference—and there’s a role for everyone.

Join us at Florence Park Community Centre, Oxford, OX4 3NH on Tuesday June 14th, 7–9pm

Or email us to get involved right away at!