Resistance Strikes Back!

Dear friends,

Despite the postponement of the Festival of Resistance, it has been an incredible fortnight for XR Oxford. We were a key fixture of the Great Big Green week, with an exhibition at the Old Fire Station, samba drumming for the launch event, and then joining two marches at the end of the week. We were also busy putting together a community climate talk with Dr Emily Cox; we returned to Barclays to keep up the pressure, and we have started getting ready for the Weekend of Resistance.

Dates for your diary

  • Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12th October: The XR National Bus Tour visits Oxford (times and locations below)
  • Tuesday 11th October, 7pm:South East Open Call. Hear all about the plan for the weekend.
  • Thursday 13th October: Traffic filters consultation closes.
  • Friday 14th – Sunday 16th October: Weekend of Resistance. A long weekend of action, outreach, workshops, talks and more (London)
  • Monday 7th – Friday 18th November: COP27. We will aim to increase awareness in outreach activities during this period.

Volunteers needed

  • The arts working group is looking for new members! If you want to help create the flags, banners and props that make XR actions so distinctive, and might be able to help run sessions, please get in touch:
  • Outreachers for the XR Bus: if you can be available anytime on 11th-12th October, we will need outreachers to maximise the impact of the bus!
  • Spending all your time on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok? Put that experience to good use by joining our social media team. Email
  • Handy with a camera? Join the new photographers’ pool. Email


Bus tour

Beginning on 20 September, the three big, beautiful buses of the XR bus tour are roaming Britain, listening to local people and offering them ways to get involved in the movement to demand action on the climate and ecological crises. One of them is coming our way on Tuesday 11th and Wednesday 12 October, and we need rebels to join the crew for outreach at all the locations below. We will have speakers, possibly some Samba, artblocking and plenty of outreach materials: 

  • 11 October, 12-4pm: Catte Street OX1 3BW
  • 11 October, 5-7pm: Manzil Way OX4 1GE
  • 12 October, 11.30-2pm: Blackbird Leys Community Centre OX4 6HW
  • 12 October, 2.30-4:30pm: Natural History Museum OX1 3PW

Please join us at any of these locations! If you’re thinking of coming, it would be really helpful if you could let us know by signing up on this rota, so we can get a sense of numbers.

Weekend of Resistance

The Festival of Resistance is back! The schedule and venue have changed since the original September plan, so make sure you’re fully aware of the new plans. Check out the Weekend of Resistance page on the UK website first, then read on here for the Oxford plan.

If you’re going and you’re comfortable sharing your name, please add it to the Oxford spreadsheet.

Alarm Bells at the Old Fire Station

In Oxford, the Extinction Rebellion Art Group have taken over the Old Fire Station with a gallery of stirring artwork used in previous rebellions and actions. The exhibition opened on the September 24th and will conclude in a week, on the 15th October.

A crowd of people attend the opening of the Old Fire Station exhibition.
Photo credit: Feng Ho

Art has played a pivotal role in movements around the world and XR has been no exception. The hand-printed colourful satin flags, banners and props give XR its distinct look. In Oxford too, Nellie- the white elephant has been a consistent protest companion, drawing large crowds as it brings attention to the misdeeds of the biggest polluters and CO2 emitters. The exhibition showcases many such exemplary pieces of protest art as well as powerful testimonials of rebels around Oxford. It also presents inspiring video montages of Oxford rebels in action – including XR Arts members and the iconic Red Rebels.

[ Read all about it here ]

‘Cost of living’ march, 1st October

The XR Oxford samba drummers join the XR Youth 'Cost of Living' march.
Photo credit: Feng Ho

The links between the cost of living crisis and the climate crisis have never been clearer, and our campaigns have been joining forces. On 1st October, XR Youth Oxford brought together the trade unions, Keep Campsfield Closed, Acorn, and other groups for a rally on Broad Street, followed by a march to Manzil Way. At the end of the march, there was a community assembly where groups discussed how to tackle the numerous adversities facing us, and a commitment for greater collaboration between Oxford’s activists.

Community Climate Talk, 4th October

Dr Emily Cox gives a Community Climate Talk.
Photo credit: Suzanne Williams

For a couple of weeks we have been busily inviting people from Oxford to join us to hear about the threat posed by inaction on climate change and what we can do about it together. The evening was very successful: around 40 new people came, the speakers were affecting and inspiring, and the energy in the room afterwards as people gathered in small groups to discuss what was heard, was palpable. The vegan food, courtesy of Waste2Taste CIC, was delicious and disappeared fast! A massive thank you to the speakers: social scientist Dr Emily Cox, a specialist in how people respond to the climate crisis, and Oxford’s own Alan Allport (Canaries) and Abha Jeurker (Geese), who talked about how being in XR empowers them in the face of climate and ecological breakdown. Much love and appreciation to everyone else who helped with the event.

Extinction Rebellion Creative Hub

There is now an opportunity to get your creative writing published in a highly pertinent venue and also do something good for the planet (by highlighting the vital issue of climate change and getting readers to think about it).

Send us your poetry, songs, flash fiction, short stories, prose poems and scripts for plays or films addressing climate justice, the current climate crisis and possible aftermaths and future worlds here on earth.

In an era of soaring temperatures, melting glaciers and raging wildfires climate change has to be the single most pressing topic of this decade, and we have posted lots of powerful, eloquent and provocative pieces on it.

To see prose, poetry and song already published and for submission guidelines go to Extinction Rebellion’s Creative Hub and then create something of your own from your ruminations, speculations, hopes, fears, doubts, dreams and nightmares.


COP27 takes place 7-18 November 2022 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. XR Oxford’s Action Circle would like ideas about activities mainly on the Cornmarket in Oxford, on weekdays during this period.

What kind of activities would you come along and be involved with?

Activities should be:

  • Practical, doable and rely on a limited amount of props
  • Ideally, offer themes for specific days – making their character and appearance different
  • Lead by specific affinity groups or local XR groups from elsewhere in Oxfordshire on some days, with a theme and activities of their choosing
  • Run between 12.00 noon and 2pm on each weekday, to catch the maximum number of people moving over the lunchtime period
  • Thought about in relation to different demographics: how does a particular theme or activity appeal to students/women/ethnic minorities etc?

Please send in your ideas as soon as possible – to – and we will discuss them in Actions Circle (and other groups realistically) until we have a robust programme.

In love and rage,

The XR Oxford Crew