Demonstration and two weeks of action for the climate

Extinction Rebellion Oxford is staging two weeks of actions from 7th to 18th November, 12 noon to 2pm each weekday on the Cornmarket, Oxford. These activities are to draw public attention to the 27th Global Climate Conference (COP27), being held in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. In addition, an action with speeches, drumming and songs starting from the Cornmarket on Saturday 12th November at 12.00 noon will form part of the day of Global Action on the Climate, along with events happening around the world.

Hazel Dawe comments:

“Our action on 12th November, starting from the Cornmarket in Oxford at 12.00 noon, coincides with a national demonstration in London and similar events on the Climate Emergency around the world. The 27th Climate conference is an opportunity to correct the failure of governments globally to cut greenhouse gas emissions globally since the early 1990s. These conferences have not prevented carbon dioxide in our atmosphere increasing by over 60%, and other greenhouse gases, particularly methane, also increasing.

The UK Government’s Committee on Climate Change, has repeatedly warned our Government that it’s plans are not sufficient to meet its own Climate objectives. Just as bad, the Government has recently failed to meet its own deadlines for water improvements and environmental goals. As the UK is the most nature-depleted country in the world, and clean water leakage and sewage dumping has not been stopped by the Government, the lack of any sense of urgency concerning either Climate or ecological emergencies in Westminster is quite astonishing. We should all take whatever action we can to alert our elected representatives to their responsibilities for a liveable environment for all species, and for our own children.”