Get ready for The Big One

Since the 100 Days campaign began on 11 January, XR Oxford has held eight outreach stalls, hosted a film screening, organised a town-centre talk, called all 289 numbers in our Rebel Ringing campaign, had three pub socials, and held singing, art, drumming and outreach workshops. It’s all in aid of generating enthusiasm and signups for The Big One, XR’s grandest mass mobilisation effort, happening 21st-24th April at the Houses of Parliament.

how are we doing?

So far, 300 of XR Oxford have signed up to the ticker – this is great, but we think we should be able to bring many more. If you are intending to be there at all in April, please sign up here to let us, and the action planners, know. Signup is faster than an emissions-exacerbated flash flood.

What more can we do?

  • The single most important thing any of us can likely do is invite our family and friends to come. The event is designedly inclusive and facilitated by the police, so there is no risk of arrest. People are welcome to join on whichever day(s) suit them. For all who care about climate, this is an excellent opportunity to join with others and have their voice heard.
  • We have many leaflets advertising The Big One. If you have anywhere you could distribute some, or are interested in leafleting of cafes, museums, community centres etc, get in touch at
  • You can invite groups (allotment groups, green groups, theatre groups – any group you are part of that shares our values) to our Oxford Open Call on 21 March. Feel free to use this invitation template, and check which groups have already been invited here via this spreadsheet.

What’s going to happen?

We now know The Big One will have a 4-4-4 structure: four days of workshops and preparation (17-20 April), followed by four days of protest (21-24 April), ending in four days of reflection and future planning (25-28 April). The middle four days are currently the most well outlined. On the Friday and Monday, the protests will (peacefully and theatrically) target government departments located near the Houses of Parliament. On the Saturday – Earth Day – there will be a spectacular biodiversity procession and die-in (props and costumes very welcome). The Sunday action will centre on themes of participation and democracy, featuring a march in the evening. There is still an awful lot of work in progress while the action planners continue their fantastic efforts in navigating the tensions between inclusivity and impact.

How will I fit in?

Actions wanted
Local groups are invited to choose the department they’d like to target for action on the Monday and Friday. XR Oxford Actions Circle will meet at 7.30pm Thursday 16th March to partly to discuss this. To join, get in touch at

Volunteers wanted
Volunteers for support roles at The Big One are tremendously helpful and appreciated. Bringing in big numbers means a massive need for stewards – up to 1000! Even if you could only manage one or two shifts, it would make a huge difference. Full training is given. For more info, see here.

Accomodation provided
XRUK is organising some camping and some indoor accommodation. If you’re interested in this, it is really important to let them know as soon as possible so that they can predict the demand. Links to sign up are in the rebel toolkit.

Transport provided
XR Oxford is organising a coach from Oxford to London and back on Friday 21st, and are hoping costs can be subsidised – more info to come. Otherwise, travel to The Big One from Oxford is possible via the Oxford Tube coach or the train (strikes permitting). Affinity groups might arrange to travel together.

Financial support provided
As usual, we will have some funds to ensure no one is prevented from attending due to financial hardship. Details on how to claim will follow soon.

Donations wanted
Big events like this do not come about through goodwill alone, and XRUK desperately needs funds to make this work. You can donate to The Big One here.

Update by April Jones