The Emperors speak out

A woman waves a pink XR flag in front of the Sheldonian in Oxford. The famous heads have been given speech bubbles reading
"Heading for Extinction"
"Not on my watch"
A banner is attached to the railings reading:
"April 21-24 Parliament Square Be There!"

On 1st April the famous Emperors’ Heads that sit outside the Sheldonian delivered a powerful message on the climate and ecological emergency.

Local members of Extinction Rebellion gave three Emperors words and used these as the starting point for hundreds of conversations with people on Broad Street. Hundreds of photos were taken (and hopefully shared!) by those who passed, and over a thousand leaflets calling on people to join The Big One, were given to those who were interested. 

The XR Rhythms band, a short distance away, kept everyone entertained and drew people’s attention to what was going on. One activist, Abhi, said “It felt so good to be a part of this action. It reinforced my faith in Extinction Rebellion’s long-standing strategy of making a festival out of a rebellion”. 

A man wearing an XR sticker hands out leaflets reading "It's time to get to work"

Despite the light-hearted atmosphere, the message behind this action was a serious one. The climate crisis and the cost-of-living crisis that are causing so much suffering for so many share the same root cause. Those in power are not prepared to put in place the changes that are desperately needed. People deserve a planet that is not destroyed by a lack of political willpower, and time is running out. That is why people making their voices heard at The Big One is so important.

If the enthusiasm of passers-by is any sort of indication, numbers heading to London on 21 – 24 April will be very big indeed!