Oxford Demands: Restore Nature Now!

It’s less than one week until the biggest climate march London has ever seen!


The march is divided into four thematic blocs: woodland, water, land and air. XR Oxfordshire will be joining Friends of the Earth and other climate organisations from Oxfordshire, assembling for a photocall at Queen Elizabeth Gate at 12:15. From there we will head for Lamp Post 4 at the end of Curzon Gate (see map) to march in the Woodland bloc. Ideas for woodland themed banners, placards and props can be found here, or you can order a woods t-shirt from the Restore Nature Now online shop.

The nearest tube station is Hyde Park Corner. We are encouraged to use the tube station nearest our bloc to prevent overcrowding at stations such as Marble Arch.

Of course you are free to march in whatever bloc you want, but if you’d like to march with other XR Oxford Rebels, please do join us at QE Gate at 12:15. The march is expected to start by 1pm and will finish at Parliament Square.


Some rebels will be travelling by train from Oxford Parkway. Others will be travelling by Oxford Tube at 9:32, 9:40 and 9:50. However, be aware that if you plan to take the Oxford Tube to the march, Park Lane will be closed from 11.30am so we assume the Tube will be rerouted (although Stagecoach have not mentioned any plans yet). We suggest you get off at Shepherd’s Bush or Notting Hill Gate and take the underground to Hyde Park Corner.


If you want to keep in touch with other rebels in the lead-up and during the march, please join Oxfordshire Rebels during rebellions on Telegram. We’d also love to see your photos and videos on the Oxford Photos, Videos, Stories group. There is a main Restore Nature Now group but be warned that there are a lot of posts in this group!

If this is your first XR protest and you would like a friendly personal introduction, please e-mail xroxfordwelcome@gmail.com


Note that volunteers will also be needed to carry big stuff like banners and creatures during the march, and people to do outreach, so there will be jobs for everyone/anyone. If you’re looking for a particular role, check the pages on Outreach and Stewarding.

Be prepared

The weather forecast is currently sunny, but be prepared for all weathers, and bring food, drink, sunscreen, etc. Toilets and welfare points can be found on the interactive map.

We look forward to seeing you all there!