Newsletter 2019-07-18

Oxford Rebels protesting in Barclays.
This is what democracy looks like.

The rebellion continues! 

Thank you to all you bright, blazing rebels who made our Barclays Action shine – over 100 of you! It was made fabulously rebellious with an artwork installation, including a brilliant piece by Karine Groves with a devilish little Barclays oil can pouring ‘oil’ over the planet. We kept up the party atmosphere both inside and outside the bank, with music, singing and outreach, and left a tree of handwritten messages calling for divestment.

Our rebellion doesn’t stop there, as the Summer Uprising is in full swing (or sail!) across the UK. It’s not too late to join us for the final push tomorrow, as we march from the XR camp to join the last Youth Strike before the holidays in Parliament Square!

Save the date for the next HUGE Rebellion, kicking off on 7 October. We’ll need everyone at the (peaceful) barricades to ensure this makes an even more earth-shattering impact than April. So what are you waiting for? Book the time off now!

Coming up

Our next Working Group meetings

Tuesday 24 July, JHB building, Brookes Headington Campus

7-8 pm Casual meet-up for rebels before the main meeting in the Cafe, new rebels welcome

8-9 pm Working Groups meeting, JHB Lecture Theatre

PLEASE NOTE: After this the next centralised meeting will be Tuesday 3 September

Upcoming Actions/Events

Plus, check out this very cool event going on in Banbury

  • Tuesday 23 July, 7.00 pm – ‘XR Time is Now’ talk by Sarah Lunnon from XR Central

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Ink and watercolour sketch of the XR blue boat and crowd outside the Royal Courts of Justice
Many thanks to Imogen Foxell for this lovely image outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday.

It’s not too late to join the Summer Uprising!

LAST DAY – Friday 19 July, Parliament Square

We won’t stop rising until the waters do too – and it’s once again time to show this to the world! We’re in London this week showing the Government that now they have told the truth (or at least claimed to), they must now act as if the truth is real, and ACT NOW!

It’s never too late to come down, and the final day will be a big one alongside the Youth Strike, so join us!

The full programme of the summer uprising.

And if you didn’t need any more convincing, look at all these focused, happy, slightly sunburned faces…

A collage of people at the summer uprising.
Ink prints of several different beetles

Calling all little monsters!

Saturday 28 September 2019

ALL DAY Actions, Talks and Performances

XR Youth members are busy making masks for September’s Arts-Science Extravaganza. They’ll be taking on roles of endangered British species, explaining to the public why they’re vital for humans. Like some of the dung beetles, our beautiful British scarabs that help make soil – without them we’d be up to our armpits in animal dung! We’re also starting to make costumes for the performance actions outside the museum. Check out our Working Document for full details.

Children of all ages (1-90+) are welcome to get stuck in! Email the Arts Working Group to get involved.

XR Oxford Queers Group

The XR Oxford Queers community group is getting off the ground – come join us!

Comms are working on a full code of conduct for XR Oxford online spaces, but in the meantime we’ll just say that we don’t expect it to become necessary, but if it does we will be enforcing the “don’t be a jerk” rule on this list, and won’t hesitate to ban people if we need to. Also, it really should go without saying, but this is 100% inclusive of all genders, and any sort of trans exclusionary posting is one of the things that will get you swiftly banned!

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