Newsletter 2021-07-26 – Get Ready For Rebellion!


Volunteers Needed

  • The Spanish March arrives on October 6th (more details below) and are still looking for:
    • Spanish speakers
    • A few more beds
    • People to join send-off on the Thursday morning.Contact if you can help.
  • Ox-Cam Arc campaign needs volunteers to:
    • Find and contact potential partner groups
    • Gather materials for a stall
    • Put together leaflets
    • Organise a Truth Trail walkContact Caroline Roaf and Michael Taylor ( and if you can help. See below for more details.
  • London Calling! Expensive accommodation is always an obstacle for people and groups with less resources that need to mobilise for Rebellion
    This summer, share your floor, sofa, room, home, garden or driveway in London and the South East with visiting rebels, people and groups coming to London to rebel together!
    Sign up:

Dates for your diary

  • Saturday 31st July + 14th August 12:00pm – 2:00pm – COP26 Outreach in Bonn Square
  • Wednesday 4th August 6:30pm – 8:30pm – Monthly Gathering. We will be discussing the August Rebellion. Zoom link:
  • Fortnight beginning Monday 23rd August: The Impossible Rebellion (see below)
  • Wednesday 6th October: Spanish March arrives

XR Oxford – Monthly Gathering – 7th July 2021


Training available


We’re back on the streets on 23 August, so it’s time to ensure you have all the necessary training to rebel safely and effectively! These trainings are recommended for anyone joining us in actions.

NVDA Training

Learn about the history of Civil Disobedience and why we use direct action and disruption to bring about change, why we are committed to nonviolence, and various NVDA skills such as how to talk to the police, how to block a road, and how to use your support systems.

Saturday 14 August, 10am-1pm Registration:

Sundays 25 July & 29 August, 10am-1pm Registration:

Know Your Rights

This is key training for all rebels, covering your basic legal rights, common laws and police tactics used at protests. As well as your rights, it explains what to expect if you are arrested and in police custody, how to mitigate for risk, and importantly the greater risk faced by marginalised rebels, and how we can build solidarity within the protest movement. This training only applies to the law in England and Wales.

  Fortnightly on Thursdays (29 July & 12/26 Aug) 6-8pm

  Visit this calendar and find the appropriate data for registration links:

Witnessing Police Behaviour

This training will teach you valuable skills, in witnessing arrests and police behaviour. It will empower you to take responsibility for the safety of other rebels around you at a protest, and particularly focusses on the greater risk faced by marginalised rebels.

This is NOT legal observer training, and witnessing arrests is not a role, but a skill all rebels can use at actions.

  Fortnightly on Saturdays (31 July, 14 & 28 Aug), 5.30-6.45pm

Visit this calendar and find the appropriate data for registration links:

Get trained and get ready to rebel!

August Rebellion: The Impossible Rebellion

2 weeks from 23rd August

WHERE: London & Online

KEY TARGET: City of London


This includes a Kill the Bill March on the 21st of August

Focus: The Rebellion will introduce a new ‘immediate demand’ to the government, in a move to catapult us closer to our second demand – ACT NOW – and net zero emissions by 2025. STOP FOSSIL FUEL FUNDING! Stop all new fossil fuel project investment IMMEDIATELY, supporting a just transition

Many actions will be in City of London – targeting banks / companies with big Fossil Fuel investments. Other actions too, including local and digital action.

New way of working – following feedback from last rebellion:

Blocks – areas of action – currently 6 with varying degrees of ‘spice’: at easy end will be outreach and ‘crisis talks’; also marches and rallies; at higher end riskier disruptive action.

Curves – groups of people who take on organising an action.

Rebellion ‘weavers’ – pull together the overall plan.

Spanish marchers

You may remember that a group from XR Zaragoza are planning a walk from Portsmouth to Glasgow for COP26. They now have certainty on dates: they will arrive in Oxford Wednesday 6th October, 6pm-ish. There will be about 20 people.

We have booked St Margaret’s Institute for a bring and share supper. Thinking of noisy send-off on Thursday morning, so let’s organise and make sure there are many of us.



The OX-CAM ARC is a plan by central government, property developers and construction companies to build a MILLION new commuter houses in the countryside between Oxford and Cambridge. It means concreting over an area of 200 sq km – and that’s just for the houses themselves! It’s the equivalent of 17 NEW OXFORDS.

The key principles here are:

  • No housing or economic justification
  • Wildlife disaster – more destructive than HS2
  • Transport nightmare
  • Betrayal of climate obligations to future generations
  • Betrayal of local democracy – no local consultation
  • Investment should be going to the North and Midlands instead

David Rogers came to the previous monthly gathering about OXCAM ARC and the movement to stop it, asking for new ideas about how to get the public involved. There is a judicial review awaiting result possibly in September. We discussed a number of ideas for raising public awareness to stop the plan.

  • Build alliances with other XR and non-XR groups, such as churches, nature groups, and the Women’s Institute. After agreeing with other local groups, we want to try to bring along something as memorable as Nellie to make a big impact. Some more traditional groups may take more convincing. We need to start building a list of potential partners.
  • A truth trail walk, similar to a previous action against HS2.
  • Putting up stalls in villages along the arc, such as in fetes and farmer’s markets. There is an upcoming Kidlington Gala on Saturday 24 July at Exeter Hall. We need to start putting together materials for a stall.
  • Giving David Rogers’ talk at local meetings.
  • Protesting outside colleges and estate agents.
  • Leafleting traditional Tory locales such as golf clubs.

We need to move urgently on this, so if you think you can help, please contact: Caroline Roaf and Michael Taylor ( and

COP 26 – A Critical moment

COP26 is the most important global climate event since the Paris Agreement in 2015. It is a key moment for governments to prevent the climate crisis spiralling out of control. COP26 will take place between 1 and 12 of November 2021 in Glasgow, Scotland.

This is the last chance for governments to collaborate and close the gap between Paris pledges and what is actually necessary. We need to act now to put pressure on the government, not wait for November.

Discussion was wide ranging, but settled on the need to act urgently, to make sure we left members of the public with an idea of action they could take, and to create a theatrical outreach action which could be used repeatedly in the runup to COP. Greenwashing was felt to be a powerful theme, and there are props and ideas available from the recent Didcot action (washing line etc) that could be borrowed. A smaller group met later to work some of these ideas out, and the plan is to perform this action in Bonn Square, with sambas, 31st July 12-2pm, 14th August 12-2pm. We’d then plan to repeat the action three times in London during the August rebellion, and weekly in September / October on Thursday evenings, with AGs taking a week each.

If you would like to help organise these actions, please contact