Newsletter 2021-08-08 – The Impossible Rebellion


Volunteers Needed

  • 14 August: repeat of COP Greenwashing action needs three actors to take part in short sketch (see what’s involved at
    Please contact if interested.
  • Are you going to the August Rebellion? Would you like to help the XR COP team with the Crisis Talks? Things we need:
    • spare chairs or low tables we could paint pink – (preferably fold-up ones but doesn’t have to be)
    • cloth from Asia, and Latin America to make into curtains
    • a large battery pack
    • microphones
    • If anyone has a VAN or a SMART TV we could borrow, that would be amazing, and save lots of money.
    Help we need:
    • making large banners – we can provide the material
    • sewing curtains together
    Get in touch with
  • XR Wantage and Bournemouth, Chichester & Poole are planning a repeat run of a successful make the wave action in Studland. We will use road signs to show the sea level rise at different dates. The action will be on 15 August, join us for all or some of the day. Sea creature costumes are especially welcome!
  • A few rebels are looking to share the cost of an airbnb for a few nights in London. If anyone is keen to share get in touch

Dates for your diary

  • Saturday 14th August 12PM – 2PM – COP26 Outreach in Bonn Square – come along with placards/flags, and help with leafleting/outreach
  • Friday 20th August – The Rusty Bicycles are planning to have a banner drop over the A34
  • Fortnight beginning Monday 23rd August – The Impossible Rebellion (see below)  
  • Wednesday 6th October – Spanish March arrives

XR Oxford – Monthly Gathering – 4th August 2021


The COP Greenwashing outreach action had its first outing on 31 July: hampered by the rain, but felt worthwhile. Oxford Mail piece here:

The action will be repeated on 14th August (see call for volunteers above). In September the aim is to repeat weekly on Thursday 6pm (?) if we have enough support, which is when Samba rehearses. Hopefully Samba will be there every third week.

XRO at the August Rebellion

  • Coordination tools: we’ve put together a coordination spreadsheet, to make it easy for Oxford/Oxon rebels to see who else will be in London when. We’re also adding info about actions happening on different days as we find it, and there are links in there to the XRO in London Telegram chat, and the Impossible Rebellion Guide (live document). Please fill it in – it’s the kind of thing that works best if we’re all using it XROgoestoLondon.xlsx
  • We are planning to do the non-spicy Greenwashing outreach action in London, provisionally/probably on Tuesday 26th. All Oxford rebels encouraged to support this.
  • Arrestee Support briefing:
    • Always potential risk of arrest when joining XR actions
    • When dealing with police, remember 5 Key Messages
    • Prepare yourself emotionally with ‘Rise CWUP’ and practically with ‘Know Your Rights‘ training sessions from XR UK.
  • Sign up for John Briant’s legal briefing on Monday 16 August, in person or online. This is recommended for non-arrestees too.
  • Further trainings:

South East Rebellion Blast Off Briefing

The Rebellion

This time we are focusing on the City of London with the new immediate demand: ACT NOW, STOP THE HARM – STOP ALL INVESTMENT IN FOSSIL FUELS NOW

There will be:

  • an occupation of a ‘territory’ every day (with rebels camping to hold it) in the Rebellion
  • marches to bring XR rebels together with allies e.g. 21st August Kill the Bill; 28th August Animal Rights; 29th August Carnival for Climate; 4th Sept Nature Rebellion (to coincide with bio-diversity summit).  
  • a focus in the first week on mobilisation through ‘Crisis Talks’ with pop-up pink tables: individuals and groups of rebels setting up pink tables close to the locus of occupations/actions to be the focus for discussions, outreach and disruption
  • spicy actions (i.e. with higher risk of arrest) escalating towards the end of the rebellion
  • hubs where new people can learn relevant skills to enable them to join in actions
  • a campsite, some safe spaces and a ‘rebel hotel’ of rooms offered by rebels (
  • an opening ceremony, Sunday 22nd, 6pm
  • digital actions and local actions
  • information about locations and timings will be last-minute, so need to be on the relevant Telegram channels (details below).

Day 1 (Monday 23rd): Meet in Trafalgar Square at 10.00. Bring a chair if you can but one that you won’t mind losing if it gets confiscated. South-East Region rebels to meet by the left-hand fountain as you look at the National Gallery. We will then be told where to march to for the first occupation of territory.

South-East Region plans

SE Region is planning two specific actions (which have been ‘approved’ by the rebellion Weavers/planners):

Thursday 26th, STOP THE HARM march: SE has the honour of delivering the new immediate demand physically to where it needs to be delivered. Non-spicy. Relatively short march, accompanied by samba, ‘tactical’ art and people dressed up as cars.

Tuesday 31st, Pram procession: prams painted white, rebel dress code funereal/Victorian/goth. Non-spicy.

All SE Region rebels are encouraged to come on 23rd August for Day 1 mass mobilisation and on 26th August for the STOP THE HARM march.

See you at the Rebellion!