Upcoming Actions and Targets

Oxford and Cambridge Climate League

Justin Bowles of the Canaries is working with Oxford and Cambridge Students on a huge action called the Oxford and Cambridge Climate League. They are going to score every college in Oxford and Cambridge based on what they are doing around climate action on four criteria: decarbonisation, delinking from fossil fuel companies, divestments, and good climate change related disclosure. Basically these are Green Norrington and Green Tompkins tables. Those original tables rank colleges by their academic credentials; these tables will rank them by their green credentials. There’s going to be huge potential for publicity, including ‘awarding’ colleges grade certificates.

OxCam Arc

The Oxford to Cambridge Arc proposals amount to a regional development plan with the aim of boosting the economy of the five counties of the Ox-Cam Arc by up to £163 billion per year by 2050. This will involve building one million houses for the 1 million plus workers required, plus transport infrastructure to link houses to jobs. The destruction of nature that the Ox-Cam Arc plans involve would be compensated for using the (unreliable) principles of biodiversity net gain or natural capital accounting, but with the reassurance to developers that “Incorporating “net gain” principles needn’t damage the viability of sites or proposals.” 

For more information see  https://www.noexpressway.org/

What we can do

We need a grassroots movement so we can show that the electorate don’t want the Arc.

  • One opportunity for XR to mobilise grass roots support will be the 4th annual Oxford-Cambridge Arc Economic Growth and Development conference (Milton Keynes Stadium 16–17 November)
  • Could XR plan an event? Get in touch with xroxfordactions@gmail.com if you want to be involved.
    • Greenwash
    • Street theatre equivalent to Nellie the HS2 white elephant (maybe a snake like a Chinese dragon (snake oil, development snaking through the countryside), or a fat cat?
    • Red rebels
  • Arc Consultations
    • 1. The official one – runs till 12 October. Deeply flawed and dishonest as it assumes the project is happening, gives no specifics, and just asks whether we agree with various general woolly principles: all the complexities are glossed over. StopTheArc have some suggested responses.
    • 2. StopTheArc’s alternative questionnaire – runs until 26 October. Please advertise widely via your networks and social media.


COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Summit is from October 31st to November 12th 2021, in Glasgow. The UK government is host so has particular responsibilities. This is a follow up from meeting in Paris 2015: since then it’s become even clearer that world should aim for less than 1.5C temperature increase, not 2C. It has become even more urgent – the latest IPCC report has been described as ‘Code Red for humanity’ and the next 10 years are crucial.

Outcomes we need from COP globally

  • Commitments consistent with 1.5C limit.
  • Finance for global South. Rich industrialised countries to pay climate debt they owe.
  • Immediate policy changes, not just long-term targets.

What we need from our government now

  • As hosts, set an example, otherwise they have no political or moral authority to ask other countries for big contributions.
  • Meet XR’s immediate demand: stop all new exploitation of fossil fuels.
  • Stop the greenwash; the government must set out a proper plan, starting now, which is ambitious enough to start to meet the challenge. The Committee on Climate Change has pointed out the gap between the legally binding requirements of the Climate Change Act and government policy. (And the Act itself falls short of what is needed.)

What we are doing in Oxford – actions linked with COP

  • We’ve had a focus on outreach to convey the gap between government words and actions, specifically the proposed new Cambo oil field off Shetland and investment in a huge new gas terminal in Mozambique.
  • Greenwash actions (with washing line, denial washing powder box etc). So far this has been in Bonn Square, every Thursday 6 – 7.30pm – look out for announcements for any updates.
  • We are aiming to recruit new supporters and asking the public to contact MPs.

We know that public concern about the Climate and Ecological Emergency is high but many people feel powerless.

We are not the only ones working on COP locally: Oxfordshire COP Climate Alliance (OCCA) is co-ordinating local action for COP between civil society groups. It is organising the Big Green Week, to be launched in Broad St at 1.30pm on Saturday 18 September, starting with a walk for nature from the station to Broad St starting at 12.30pm. There will also be a Global Day of Action on 6 November, halfway through COP.


The campaign against HS2 is going strong with a day of demonstrations along the line on 9th September and attendance of protesters at HS2 Ltd’s PR events. Here’s Oxford’s Nellie resting after marching in London during the Impossible Rebellion.

The camp at Wendover is under threat of imminent eviction, even the part that isn’t on land that HS2 wants for construction has been leased to HS2 so they can include it for eviction. More dodgy dealings to prevent peaceful protest…

There was a petitions debate about recalling the HS2 act in Parliament 6pm 13th September and thousands of emails have been sent to MPs. Fingers crossed they attend and pay attention. Sadly the cut & paste replies from many of the MPs seem to be straight from HS2 Ltd PR, so there is still much awareness raising to do. Watch the debate or read the transcript here.

hs2rebellion.earth is a good website for a starting place to get involved. Volunteers to be Nellie legs are often needed!