Introduction to the April Rebellion

On April 9th, our next Rebellion begins in London. Longstanding rebels will step up into mentorship, guiding tactically smart, highly disruptive mass participation action designed to disrupt, engage, and recruit new rebels in Central London, with built-in options for level of risk. We’ll be easy to find, easy to join, disruptive and impossible to ignore. We will create the most roadblocks we ever have with a new action design.

We advise that you read Oxford’s full briefing document for all the details, but here are the key points.


Every rebel is advised to join an Affinity Group.

Prepare an A2 placard. It should be plain white with thick black lettering, reading “I am here for…” with your choice of message. For example: “I am here for my children’s future”.

Write and optionally record your one-minute testimonial.

Join these Telegram groups:

  1. Rebellion Broadcast: for key UK-wide broadcasts and preparation.
  2. South East Region Broadcast: for regional announcements.
  3. London Rebels Broadcast: for actions happening in London.
  4. Oxfordshire Rebels during Rebellion: for Oxfordshire action-coordination during the Rebellion.
  5. XR Oxford Announcements: for key Oxford preparations and training in advance of Rebellion, and post-action debrief afterwards.

There is also Outreach Broadcast for rebels joining outreach days.

Find a role! To find your crew, role or team for Rebellion please go to this form for descriptions of roles and links to join the different teams’ channels.

Set your intentions. Consider in advance how far you are willing to go. Are you planning to get arrested? If not, work out what conditions will prompt you to leave, such as a police warning.


The South East Rebellion Briefing (20 minutes) is a great introduction to the plan for Rebellion.

Online training sessions are offered by XRUK – find them on the Events page. We recommend:

Know your rights

Choose a solicitor before you join an action – as well as the firms listed on the Bust Card, John Briant (07870 597 888) has experience working with XR Oxford.


The Rebellion starts at 10AM on April 9th and continues to April 17th. Be ready to continue in civil resistance in London on at least the following three weekends: 23rd-24th April, 30th-1st May, and 7th-8th May.

There are dedicated outreach days in London: Monday 11th, Tuesday 12th, and Thursday 14th April.

On Monday 11th, Nellie the Elephant will be joining the action. If you could be part of the Nelly team, please get in touch with

There are local events leading up to Rebellion:

  • Friday 1st and 8th April: Banner drops – contact your AG coordinator for details.
  • Sunday 3 April 2-5pm: XR Arts Workshop and Children’s Cyanotype Workshop (S S Mary and John Primary School)
  • Thursday 7 April 7:30-9PM: Oxford All-Rebels Meeting (West Oxford Community Centre)


On 9th April, Oxfordshire rebels will be gathering inside the Stanhope Place pedestrian gate on the north side of Hyde Park at 10:00. After the welcome and training at Speaker’s Corner, rebels will move on to targets around London at 12:00.

The simplest way to reach the meeting point is the Oxford Tube bus service, which stops at Marble Arch. We recommend organising with your affinity group to travel together.

There are different meeting points for the Outreach Days. We suggest getting the Oxford Tube to Notting Hill Gate for these:

  • Monday 11th – The Albert Memorial, Hyde Park (20 minute walk from Notting Hill Gate)
  • Tuesday 12th – Allen Gardens, Shoreditch (Central Line to Liverpool St. from Notting Hill Gate)
  • Thursday 14th – Tate Modern, Riverside (Circle Line to Blackfriars from Notting Hill Gate)

On all other days, the meeting point will be Speaker’s Corner – see the full timeline.

Travel subsidies are available.

  • XR UK is providing a travel subsidy for up to £35 for rebels who would otherwise be unable to come. They request that you use cheapest available transport option. Apply here.
  • If you find that the central fund cannot provide you with what you need, apply for XR Oxford’s travel subsidy here.


Campsites will be announced – follow the Camp Broadcast 2022 Telegram channel to find out more.

The Human Hotel is an option for rebels not able to camp.

COVID-19 precautions

As the actions may become crowded, please take a lateral flow test before coming. These can be ordered free online. Wear a mask in situations where you cannot maintain distance from other people.

Supporting the Rebellion from Oxford

While we would like as many people as possible to rebel in London, we understand this isn’t an option for everyone. We will be running local outreach on Cornmarket on Saturday April 9th from 2-4pm, and depending on numbers, will try to do more.

Rebel from home in the Digital Rebellion. There will be daily Zooms during the Rebellion starting Monday 11 April. To keep updated, join the email list and Telegram chat.