XR Oxford Newsletter – March 27th

It’s less than two weeks until the next UK Rebellion! Read on for details of how to get involved.

Dates for your diary

Note: we have cancelled the Wednesday Barclays Outreach actions in order to focus on preparation for rebellion. Look out for more outreach opportunities coming up soon!

Volunteers wanted

A key part of the Rebellion in April is to have mass outreach days: 11/12 and 14th April. As we prepare, we are also thinking of getting a team of people together to have open, honest conversations with people on their doorsteps in Oxford. This has already been happening across the country as part of Project 3.5 – there are 4,000 groups! Training and support will be given.

If you’d be interested in becoming part of a trial group in Oxford, please get in touch: xroxfordcoordinator@gmail.com


Policing Bill

The Lords have once again rejected restrictions on noisy protests! Thank you to everyone who emailed and phoned them. It’s not over yet though – as part of the “ping pong” process, the bill is returning to parliament tomorrow, when MPs will decide whether to accept the changes. Join the Digital Rebellion to email your MP and Kill the Bill.

Swallows Banner Drop

XR Swallows at a banner drop
The banner reads Climate Emergency
XR Swallows with litter pickers.
There are message on the jackets reading
What a rubbish protest
Fossil fuels are rubbish
Act now: Google April 9 Rebellion

XR Swallows raised awareness about the climate crisis today on the A40. Swallows representative Christian Silk commented that they got lots of positive waves and hoots from passing motorists, and a few not so positive ones. They used their spare time during the protest to do a litter pick. It’s good to do something positive on the ground!

Prepare for Rebellion!

On April 9th, our next Rebellion begins in London. Longstanding rebels will step up into mentorship, guiding tactically smart, highly disruptive mass participation action designed to disrupt, engage, and recruit new rebels in Central London, with built-in options for level of risk. We’ll be easy to find, easy to join, disruptive and impossible to ignore. We will create the most roadblocks we ever have with a new action design.

We advise that you read the full briefing document for all the details, but you can find the key points in our Introduction to the April Rebellion.

See you on the streets!

In love and rage,

The XR Oxford Crew