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XR Oxford banners:
Courage calls to courage everywhere
End Fossil Fuels: another world is possible
Photo credits: Feng Ho

XR Oxford is on a mission to mobilise people and demand climate action.

This week, we went to London to put an end to fossil fuel investments. We disrupted Lloyds of London, insurers of the worst polluters in the world, and glued on at Shell, climate criminals. Meanwhile, we sparked the public’s imagination during outreach with Nellie the Elephant.

In the last month, we have:

  • Spoken with 600 people in the street and 350 on the phone
  • Given the ‘It’s Not Too Late’ talk to 100 people
  • Trained and supported over 120 people to participate in mass civil disobedience
  • Put up hundreds of posters and distributed thousands of flyers

Everyone in XR Oxford gives their time and energy for free. Hundreds of hours go into our work each month. It also takes money! If you can, please help us with a regular or one-off donation. Every penny goes towards XR Oxford’s fight for climate action.

  • £20 enables a Rebel with low income to get to London and demand action on the climate and ecological emergency.
  • £40 hires a venue for a Know Your Rights session, giving crucial legal info to brave rebels risking arrest
  • £100 hires a central Oxford venue for a public event, explaining the crisis and why we need to act now – and getting new rebels actively involved
  • £150 prints 5000 flyers for us to hand out when we’re speaking with people on the street
  • £200 gets us a set of professional banners to hang over main roads and motorways
Samba drummers - photo credit Feng Ho
Banner drop over A34 - photo credit Owen McKnight

If you can help, please click here for our bank details, or click the button below to donate by Paypal.

Thank you so much!

The XR Oxford crew