Nellie’s Trip to London

The latest report from the world scientific community is clear. We need to act fast to avoid the worst effects of climate breakdown, but there is hope – a better future is possible, if governments and corporations take decisive action now.

Nellie the Elephant stands in front of the Albert Memorial in London.

Over the weekend, thousands of rebels raised the alarm about the climate crisis in peaceful protest. On Monday 11th April, we were on the streets of London with Nellie the Elephant to talk to people about the climate science and the need for political action. Nellie is a great way of breaking the ice with people, as she brings a smile to everyone’s face. A recent IPSOS poll showed that 81% of people in the UK support a shift away from fossil fuels within the next 5 years, and that high level of support is reflected in the conversations we have on the streets. However, most people are shocked and horrified to be informed of the billions of pounds that governments and corporations continue to sink into new fossil fuel projects.

We also highlight the shocking injustice in the climate crisis. The rich are creating the problem, but poor countries such as Mozambique and Bangladesh are already suffering. As temperatures increase, extreme weather events will only become more prevalent around the entire globe. People are really shaken when you show them the clear science. We need to stick to under 1.5℃ of temperature change, but the latest scientific data shows us on target for over 3℃ due to continued burning of fossil fuels.

Sometimes people are upset by our methods, and I understand that. We all have busy lives, and we don’t need another distraction. But this problem is not going away, so for the sake of humanity we need to clearly communicate the current situation. Most people we talk to understand this, and as extreme weather events become more frequent around the world, they see the need for drastic action.

Nellie the Elephant stands in Hyde Park, London. She has a sign saying "The biggest cost of fossil fuels is climate breakdown"

We can create a better future. A cleaner, fairer, liveable future, where both people and planet are valued. A future where fossil fuels stay in the ground, and clean energy allows us to live on this beautiful planet. Isn’t that what we all want for us and for our children?