Rebellion is Here

The greatest threat to global public health is the continued failure of world leaders to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5°C and to restore nature. Urgent, society-wide changes must be made and will lead to a fairer and healthier world. We call for governments and other leaders to act, marking 2021 as the year that the world finally changes course.

Open letter from over 200 health journals

The Rebellion is in full swing this week, with Oxford rebels taking part in marches, blockading London junctions, and engaging with the public. We have vowed to continue with disruption until our demand is met – End Fossil Fuel Investment Now.

Dates for your diary

  • This week until 17 April, then 3 following weekends: UK Rebellion continues
  • Saturday 16 April, 2-4pm: Oxford Outreach (Cornmarket)
  • Thursday 21 April 7:30-9pm: Oxford All-Rebels Meeting. Although rebellion is by no means over, the pause before the first of the rebellion weekends gives us a chance to process the whirlwind of the first week. Rebels will have had diverse experiences: come and hear how it went for others, compare highs and lows, and reflect on what went well, and what could have gone better. We’ll also start thinking about where this takes XR Oxford next: what strengths do we want to build on, and where should we strike out in new directions? (West Oxford Community Centre)
  • Tuesdays starting 24 May, 7:30pm: “Living with the Climate Crisis” support group. 7 week course. Contact Rebecca (Online)


Rebellion Opening Weekend

Saturday was the most beautiful spring morning for the start of the April rebellion. In London an estimated 8000 rebels slowly assembled in Hyde Park, gently peeling off the layers in the sunshine and unfurling the flags.

We were slow to get started. Affinity groups and newcomers gathered together to remind ourselves why we were there and what we needed to do. Nearly everyone answered …. For my children. For my future children. For all children.

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Nellie goes to London

On Monday 11th April, we were on the streets of London with Nellie the Elephant to talk to people about the climate science and the need for political action. Nellie is a great way of breaking the ice with people, as she brings a smile to everyone’s face. A recent IPSOS poll showed that 81% of people in the UK support a shift away from fossil fuels within the next 5 years, and that high level of support is reflected in the conversations we have on the streets. However, most people are shocked and horrified to be informed of the billions of pounds that governments and corporations continue to sink into new fossil fuel projects.

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Outreach in Oxford

On Saturday, Oxford rebels who couldn’t be in London supported the action by talking to the public on Cornmarket Street. We asked them to place a dot on our survey, and the result speaks for itself.

(colours do not denote anything!)

We wouldn’t claim that this was a representative sample, as there were plenty of people who ignored us or refused to participate, but the sheer number of dots at the top of the scale show that there is a huge section of the population who are desperate for climate action now.

Join us this Saturday from 2-4pm for another outreach session – let’s get even more responses next time!

In love and rage,

The XR Oxford Crew