Oxford goes to the Festival of Resistance!

From September 10th we will meet at 10 am at Marble Arch in London and make the demand for climate action impossible to ignore.

September will be the first step in a laser-focused, strategic plan that sees Extinction Rebellion growing in numbers and building momentum towards Spring 2023. Politics as usual will do anything to avoid facing up to the reality of the climate and ecological crisis, so without large numbers out on the streets, our demands will be ignored.

Read the Next UK Rebellion page first!


Every rebel is advised to join an Affinity Group.

Join these Telegram groups:

  1. Rebellion Broadcast: for key UK-wide broadcasts and preparation.
  2. South East Region Broadcast: for regional announcements.
  3. London Rebels Broadcast: for actions happening in London.
  4. Oxfordshire Rebels during Rebellion: for Oxfordshire action-coordination during the Rebellion.
  5. XR Oxford Announcements: for key Oxford preparations and training in advance of Rebellion, and post-action debrief afterwards.

There are lots of different roles, ranging from stewarding, outreach, cooking, facilitating in the People’s Assembly, etc. Join the We are all crew Telegram channel and decide where you could help, even for an hour or two.



NVDA training and Rebellion Preparation – Sunday 4th September, 2:30-5:30PM, Jericho Community Centre

We are very pleased to have Lisa coming to do NVDA training with us in advance of the September rebellion. Non-Violent Direct Action is central to XR’s theory of how we achieve change, and it’s important for all rebels to understand its theory and practice. If you can’t make this training, there are online trainings run nationally.

At this event, there will also be a chance to ask questions about the plans for September and beyond, and a mini-briefing on Citizen’s Assemblies, as these are going to be a big focus for this rebellion.

Know Your Rights

Although this will be a non-disruptive occupation, we cannot guarantee how the police will behave, and the PCSC Bill means that previous advice may no longer be valid. XRUK is running online training:

Tues 30 Aug 18.00 – 20.00
Weds 7 Sept 18.00 – 20.00

This training has been updated to cover changes to the law made by the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts (PCSC) Act 2022. It aims to prepare rebels for interaction with the Police and to enable them to minimise risks to themselves and others.

It covers:

  • The 5 Key Messages to remember when going to a protest
  • Police tactics and the role of private security
  • Stop and Search
  • What happens if you get arrested and/or charged
  • Laws commonly used against protestors

Register here.

Remember to take a Bust Card. As well as the firms listed on the Bust Card, John Briant (07870 597 888) has experience working with XR Oxford.


XRUK is running online outreach training on 31st August at 7PM. Sign up here.


The Festival starts at 10AM on 10th September, and people are encouraged to stay overnight if possible until 13th September.

Join us at the NVDA training and Rebellion Preparation – Sunday 4th September, 2:30-5:30PM, at the Jericho Community Centre.

Contact your local affinity group to find out when they will be Painting the Streets.


On 10th September, Oxfordshire rebels will be gathering inside the Stanhope Place pedestrian gate on the north side of Hyde Park at 10:00.

The simplest way to reach the meeting point is the Oxford Tube bus service, which stops at Marble Arch. We recommend organising with your affinity group to travel together.

Travel subsidies are available.

  • XR UK is providing a travel subsidy for up to £35 for rebels who would otherwise be unable to come. They request that you use cheapest available transport option. Apply here.
  • If you find that the central fund cannot provide you with what you need, XR Oxford has a fund to help rebels with travel costs to London for September and October’s activities. You can claim £20 for each return trip you make to London. This is enough to cover a return ticket on the Oxford Tube. You can claim for up to 4 trips (a maximum of £80) across September and October 2022. We can make payment by bank transfer, cash or Paypal. We will ask you to email a picture of your ticket or receipt. We can give you money before you travel, if you need it. This scheme is being operated on trust – please only ask for this money if you need it. We won’t ask for any proof of need. If you’d like to use the travel fund, please talk to your affinity group coordinator, or email xroxfordedi@gmail.com. Sadly our fund is not unlimited, so if you need to use the fund, please check we’ve got money for you before you travel.


Three kinds of accommodation are on offer: camping, indoor accommodation and Human Hotel.

Everyone is encouraged to camp on the main Occupation site if they can.
We encourage regions, local groups and community groups to get together and self-organise their camps.
No cars, campervans or motorhomes will be allowed on either campsite.

All rebels should follow the Rebel Agreement.

Occupation Camp
Sat 10th, 10.00 – Tue 13th (pack down).
Located in Hyde Park. If planning to camp here please join the Occupation Campsite Telegram chat.

Quiet Camp
Fri 9th, late pm – Tue 13th (pack down).
A more relaxed camping experience in East London – specific location to be announced.
Family friendly with quiet space. Quiet Camp questions can be posted in this Telegram chat.

Indoor Accommodation
Fri 9th – Tue 13th.
Limited spaces in community centre halls in East London – priority will be given to people who cannot camp.
Bring your own bedding (mat, pillow and sleeping bag). A few camp beds are available for those unable to sleep on the floor due to disability, age, injury etc. Booking request form and more details available here.

The Human Hotel is an option for rebels not able to camp.

COVID-19 precautions

Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19. Wear a mask in situations where you cannot maintain distance from other people.

Supporting the Rebellion from Oxford

The Digital Rebellion will be running once again – keep an eye on the website for more information.

The Rebel bus tour visits Oxford for its first stop on Wednesday 14 September. The Rebellion buses are intended to give local groups a boost with their outreach work in the runup to the mass action on October 14. We haven’t yet finalised plans for the day, but please save the date to support outreach activities. More details will be announced here soon.